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Scorpio Season Guide


Passion, Intensity, Mystery, Determination, Secrets, Transformation, Loyalty, Bravery, Ambition

The Guide

Scorpio marks the season of intensity and transformation. This powerful sign helps us delve deep into ourselves and explore the depths of our emotions and desires. Scorpio's need for depth and authenticity fuels a sense of passion and resilience, making them natural detectives who uncover hidden truths and navigate through life's complexities. However, their intensity can sometimes result in possessiveness and a tendency to hold grudges. Diving into the depths requires discipline to resurface, to return to earth.

During Scorpio season, explore your innermost self and uncover hidden truths. Make friends with your shadow. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and embrace the power of introspection. Scorpio reminds us that by facing our fears and embracing our passions, we can experience the blessings of transformation. Let the intensity of this Mars-ruled sign guide you toward self-discovery and personal evolution.

Correspondences & Tools


RULER - Mars


SYMBOL - The Scorpion


COLOR - Deep Red & Black


AREA OF THE BODY - Reproductive Organs and Elimination System

TAROT CARD - Death, Suit of Cups

CRYSTALS - Black Obsidian, Garnet, Malachite, Rhodonite, Bloodstone, Amethyst


  • Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus - October 14th
  • New Moon in Scorpio - November 13th


  • Mars Opposite Jupiter - October 28th
  • Mars Opposite Uranus - November 11th
  • Mars Cazimi - November 17th

PLAYLIST - Tunes for the deep end

ALTAR SUGGESTIONS - Nettle, thistles, red chili peppers, and anything spicy or spiky leaves are associated with Mars, which represents physicality. Cactus, chrysanthemum, marigold, yellow-berry nightshade, iron, black stones like obsidian and tourmaline, ochre, bloodstone, jasper, or vermilion are also related. Look for warrior deities, symbols of protection, and items that ward off evil. Include snakes, scorpions, skulls, bones, eagle feathers, or anything that evokes regeneration and mystery. Don't forget pictures of ancestors you want to honor. Use black, red, or orange cloth for decorations.

Get The Guide

Are you curious about what Scorpio Season means for you? The Astrology Guidebook has everything you need to build a knowledge base, explore the symbolism of the season, and apply the details to your own chart.


The Collection

Explore our collection of Scorpio season gifts, perfect for the passionate, intense, and transformative nature of this sign. From deep and mysterious home decor to symbolic accessories, find something for even the most mysterious Scorpio you know.


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