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Free Standard Shipping on domestic orders of $150+
Free Standard Shipping on domestic orders of $150+


I often preach about the magic, creativity, and general importance of independently owned businesses. Anyone who knows me understands my love of supporting the 'little guy.' One of the ways indie business is so important is because they aren't just another faceless company. They are composed of people—your kind of people.

Thanks to our communities, the internet, and social media, we have access to more independently owned businesses than ever before. And I know firsthand the research to takes to connect, support, and become a member of the community. 

You and I have the added complication of being virtual friends—maybe someday I'll be in a brick + mortar, and we can get to know each other a little more. Until then, I hope you can still find a little magic and meaning in this pocket of the internet. 

While you have to make your own decision about whether Ardent Market is the place for you (and I hope you do), I wanted to take the time to show you what AM is all about. 
Norwegian Wood White Pillow
Wilde Lather Triangle Soap
Amanda Michelle Jewelry Aspen
Emily Marks - Ardent Market Owner


To know if we are kindred spirits, you need to know a bit about me.  Ardent Market is not another faceless company—even if I am a little camera shy.

I am known for:
+ Having an eclectic taste in books & music
+ Owning & curating an online retail
+ Martini Friday

My friends know: I own two large dogs—Reggie Love the Rottweiler and Huckleberry the mystery rescue. I have cluttered files full of artists I would like to work with and fonts that I think are dreamy. I have an obsession with well-made hats and collect them often, and I frequently have a playlist forming in my head.

I'll admit: that I tend to purchase many greeting cards that I rarely remember to send, but writing notes for orders gives me life. I have trouble saying no when a friend needs some help with their business or a pep talk before a big meeting. And, I will inevitably find a taco on the menu—if a restaurant doesn't have tacos, I don't know what I'm doing there.

My favorite part: of AM (besides the research + making connections with creatives) is the photography. The best part of the workweek is behind the camera, with endless sunshine and an upbeat playlist. (The dogs like it too!)


When I was younger, I wanted to be a psychologist, writer, store owner, travel blogger, and maybe an Airbnb host. I was going through a little bit of a career identity crisis when my dad passed away in 2014. It felt like time stopped, and so did any career-life decisions while my family and I navigated the unexpected loss.

In 2017, after my favorite job/shop closed its doors and I decided to leave school (with a double major—because nerd), I packed up my little car and traveled the USA on a solo cross-country road trip.

Basket Wall Ardent Market
Agave Plant
I visited dozens of states and national parks, ate incredible food constantly, popped into every small shop and outdoor market I could find, and drove over 12 thousand miles. During the months I was on the road, I collected vintage items and artist + brand business cards *just in case*.

In 2019 I put everything I knew and everything I collected into one place and opened 
Ardent Market.

I was kind of made for this—

I've spent 15 years working in some kind of small business, retail, or combination of the two. I've even spent some time working for large retail stores (but I hope you won't hold that against me). Since I was fifteen years old, I've had many different business attempts. I've been a gift-wrapper, personal shopper, Etsy shop owner, tarot card reader, freelance photographer + copywriter, and all-around aimless creative. 

And now I have a shop all to myself, and I get to use a part of absolutely everything I loved from my past adventures + experiences.
Emily - Laura Makes Bandana


Naming my business was one of the most challenging first steps; I would imagine it's as difficult as naming a human child—but I don't know that from experience. 

I have "how ardently" tattooed over my heart (actually by Tex Valiente) because growing up sensitive; I was always told I wore my heart on my sleeve. So I figured a vulnerable line from one of my favorite books belonged across my heart. 

Everything I do in this business I do out of a wholehearted, enthusiastic kind of love. While 'ardently' describes my passionate nature, it also defines the dedication of every single artist, brand, and maker I curate from. 

 We are an ardent marketplace.


By exploring our collaborative artisan marketplace and community resources, our customers discover the ritual in each day and the art of slow, intentional living.

Through this, we cultivate inclusive, creative, and mindful communities for artists and customers to find meaningful connections and experience a true sense of belonging.


I couldn't love this shop more because it's mine, and I am so proud of it. And also because it connects me to so many wonderful people. I get to experience what a community of creatives is all about.

This shop encourages me to seek beauty and inspiration every day. I get to explore the significance of intentional goods and cultivate friendships with the people who make and appreciate them. This business has ultimately taught me how to craft a slow, mindful life. 

I am forever grateful for it and you.  

I hope we can be kin, but if you need a little more
I've got you.