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Free Standard Shipping on domestic orders of $150+
Free Standard Shipping on domestic orders of $150+

Social Contracts

We are a human-first, value driven business. These values serve as a framework for how decisions are made at Ardent Market— the foundation for building business practices, customer relationships, and buying guidelines within the retail industry. 

We want you to be fully aware of the goals and intentions of Ardent Market as we pledge to drive more impact in our personal lives and business practices.


We do not just stand in solidarity with BIPOC communities. We stand for actionable change, especially in the small business scope. Because we take our community very seriously— We take humanity seriously.

In this first year together, we put in a lot of work to making space on the internet, but now we are finding sustainable ways to hold that space for BIPOC artists, creators, customers, vendors, creatives.⁠ Because being a part of our community means collectively sharing art, craftsmanship, work, well-being, and stories.⁠

We have some immediate and long-term strategies to navigate through, but this is how we have taken some action steps:

  • We participate in a pledge to continue donations for BIPOC causes and foundations.⁠
  • Thanks to the initiative of the Fifteen Percent Pledge, we dedicate at least 15% of our virtual shelves to Black-owned businesses/goods.
  • We also invest (at least) 30% of our inventory, business operations budget, and training, to diversity and inclusion, in solidarity with BIPOC, LGTBQ+, and Minority-owned businesses.
  • The copy used on the website and newsletter is thoughtful and gender-full (a safe celebration of every gender). We welcome and acknowledge all genders.
  • We further our education and connection with books, articles, and films. Our dialogue with other small business owners includes paid workshop materials (donations made to charities if free) from activism educators.
  • The most important part of this pledge is that we remain accountable to you, our community, and our promises to be an inclusive and intentional retail/small business. As we restructure our community efforts and social contracts, we will release reports on our progress each quarter.⁠ Because actionable, measurable change is how our communities can feel our support.
  • We honor the land we reside on by acknowledging and giving back to the original land protectors.