Community Efforts

You know how ardently we care about our artists and customers. We are here to celebrate the things that make life unique and joyful. With our many blessings comes an eagerness to share and support others. It is our dearest wish to both celebrate and show gratitude for the shop, but also use the resources and funds available to us to help our communities- both local and national.

There are so many causes that are close to our hearts. To begin our community program, we are donating to Friends & Helpers, out of Los Angeles. Friends & Helpers works tirelessly to support, educate, and encourage victims of domestic abuse. Funds go to counseling efforts, skill-building, financial planning, and job training. At Friends & Helpers, the thoughtful essentials make a world of difference for each individual.  They host drives for necessary supplies and essential goods— snack packs, totes for women, back to school backpacks for children, and holiday stockings.

Proceeds of purchases made at Ardent Market are donated directly for the incredible work this foundation is doing. Since we are local to the many events Friends & Helpers have around the LA/OC area; we also donate time and goods. If you feel inspired, please sign up for their newsletter to see what their next mission is and where you can go to help.

We couldn't provide this aid to these humans without you, and we are so grateful for every purchase. You not only support our dream, and the many artists that we carry, but also the many women and children in need of care and kindness.

We look forward to partnering with more foundations and causes in the future. We care so deeply for people and their safety, the environment, and local community needs. Be sure to look for any updates in our newsletters for what cause we are participating in next.

Thank you for all that you do.