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Every Day is Earth Day

At Ardent Market, we prioritize reducing harm to our natural resources and integrating ethical and responsible policies that protect our planet. With over a decade of experience in retail, we are committed to being transparent about our internal policies.


Cardboard is a significant problem in the United States, and the food and retail industries are major contributors. Our country uses around 100 billion corrugated boxes each year, with cardboard and paper making up 41% of our solid waste. The average household throws out 13,000 separate pieces of cardboard annually, and in the United States, 850 million tons of paper and cardboard are tossed each year, which equals 1 billion trees. This means that each American household uses seven trees per year in cardboard and paper.


We cannot afford to be indifferent to this problem, especially when running a U.S. retail business with U.S. products. It is essential to make changes and practice transparency to constantly improve and protect our planet.


We hope this information helps you order with peace of mind, knowing that your order has not contributed to the ongoing damage to our natural resources and the planet. Additionally, we encourage you to recycle (and even compost) some of the boxes and packaging materials yourself!

Our Efforts

At Ardent Market, we have made significant progress in processing and packing orders. Every order received from an artist, brand, or maker is sorted and stored, and boxes and materials are recycled for each order.


While not every box may be visually appealing, we prioritize the safety and security of the items inside during shipping. We also strive to provide an eco-friendly unboxing experience by using additional packaging materials made from biodegradable components, and recycled and sustainable materials that can often be reused.


Carbon Offset

We use a formula to calculate estimated shipping emissions for every order we receive. Based on these estimates, a portion of our revenue goes to carbon removal companies that have been vetted by scientists from Carbon Direct. These companies use the funds to remove the amount of carbon created by our shipments. Any additional funds are directed towards the further development of carbon removal technologies.


To learn more, visit this page.


Commitments Since 2019:

  • Our shipping process is carbon-neutral and drives carbon removal
  • Our tissue paper is FCS-certified and acid-free, with soy-based inks
  • Our branded tape is plastic-free and recyclable
  • Our packing peanuts are biodegradable and dissolve in water
  • Our boxes* and fillers are made from recycled materials
  • Our business cards and postcards are made from recycled hemp, paper, or cotton

Please note that the statistics mentioned in this document only apply to cardboard, tissue, and newsprint, and do not include packaging materials made from plastic, such as bubble wrap or glass foam.


*We do not purchase any materials from Uline, but we do recycle Uline boxes from orders received. For more information on our values and how to partner with Ardent Market, please visit our Value Glossary.



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