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November Mood: Warm Intentions - Ardent Market

November Mood: Warm Intentions

This November, we are embracing our warmest intentions for the shop, our community, and the collective. We all carry a lot in our lives, and it can be challenging to hold it all without some loving support, intentionality, and even some earthly pleasures to ground us in the present.

Recently, I shared on Instagram that business as usual has been a challenge. To take care of myself and our community, I took a little break this week and pulled some cards from "Hack Your Nervous System" to acknowledge the challenges we are facing. With another month of tragic headlines, it feels important to create space for all that we are feeling and processing.

AM is meant to be a human-centered space where you can simply be, even with the more difficult aspects of life. When I have work to do, plans to make, or a nervous system to soothe, I find myself reducing the noise around me and focusing on simplicity and connection. If I can give us a break here and bring a smile there, it's a good day.

Before we dive into the holiday buzz, I wanted to check in on you. If there's anything you'd like to talk about, I'm here for you. Don't be shy, as we are here for business as unusual as possible.

Goals & Intentions

  • Prioritizing time to ground in the morning with gentle movement, herbal remedies, and journaling
  • Follow the sun and limit screens and artificial lights
  • Lean into love languages for gifting
  • Hold space for the community & our collective processing
  • Choose simplicity
  • Rest in the most playful and creative ways
What are some of your goals and intentions for November? Comment below and get featured on Instagram.
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