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December Mood

December Mood

December has arrived, and winter is just around the corner. To be honest, I have mixed feelings about it. While I appreciate the introspective and contemplative energy of the season, I could do without the cold and gloominess.

My winter-loving friend has been suggesting various practices and activities for the season, and I've been learning to embrace the darkness through this process. I started making a list of things that bring me joy and comfort, even when it's challenging to cultivate them—a sort of winter survival list.

This same process could serve as a welcome pause during the busy rush of the season. It's a moment to reflect on your well-being, needs, and practices. What does a nourishing season look like for you? And what small acts of kindness can you prepare for your best winter self?

From bringing out your coziest bedding and establishing new bedtimes, to hosting smaller gatherings, indulging in restorative oils, and journaling through the end of the year—there are sure to be some ideas for you to start planning and preparing for winter.

Goals & Intentions for December 

  • Prioritizing time to ground in the morning with gentle movement, herbal remedies, and journaling
  • Creating cozy areas to encourage a little more stillness and reflection
  • Lean into love languages for gifting
  • Host one festive cocktail night with all the decorations up
  • Getting crafty with creative wrapping, decor, and DIY Advent Calendars
  • Choosing to celebrate everything, from the big milestones this year to the little joyful wins
  • Try an old recipe in a new way
  • Resting in the most playful and creative ways

What are some of your goals and intentions for December? Comment below and get featured on Instagram. Let's toast the season together!

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