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Expressing Love: Gift Guides for Every Love Language - Ardent Market

Expressing Love: Gift Guides for Every Love Language

Intentional Gifting is a love language that we specialize in at Ardent Market. We strive to share goods and finds that celebrate craftsmanship, connections, and intentionality, making shopping with us a slow and meaningful experience. It's our way of showing that we care. This year, we want to make it even easier and more enjoyable for you to buy gifts for others by sharing our talent for curating memorable gifts. We are unveiling our secrets for curation—exploring love languages.

Love languages play a significant role in how we express affection to our loved ones. By understanding and catering to these love languages, we can deepen our connections and make our gestures of love and gratitude even more meaningful. To assist you in finding the perfect gift that speaks to your special someone, we created a collection of gift guides tailored to each love language. These guides offer thoughtful and meaningful gift ideas that are sure to leave a lasting impression. Choosing a gift from these guides is an act of intentionality in itself.

Heartfelt Expressions (Words of Affirmation)

Words of affirmation are powerful tools to communicate love and appreciation. To think outside the box, we gathered a selection of gift ideas that will help you express your love through heartfelt words, art, and practices that they can return to time and time again. From loving prints to inspirational books, affirmation decks, and intention candles, these items are carefully chosen to convey your affection through beautiful and meaningful finds and gestures.


INSPIRED BY: love notes in packed lunches, a voice message to check in, a curated playlist of songs you share, swapping books, and friendship bracelets with special intentions.

Moments to Cherish (Quality Time)

Quality time is essential for nurturing relationships and creating lasting memories. Giving the gifts of meaningful moments means finding ways to infuse connection into their daily life. From entertaining essentials to cocktail tools, these carefully selected items will help you create special moments and strengthen your bond. We especially sought out gifts that encourage slower moments to share. Consider gifting the gardener's gift box, which not only provides quality time together but also offers the enjoyment of this gift from sowing to harvest.


INSPIRED BY: taking the long way home, laughter around the table, lunches that turn into dinners, and an occupied kitchen stool to keep you company.

Caring Gestures (Acts of Service)

Acts of service can be a powerful way to show care and recognition. Giving the gift of service means finding ways to bring simplicity and joy into their daily life. This guide will help you brainstorm the gifts that they may not know they need. From wellness goods and skincare products to mindful paper goods and everyday items with thoughtful designs, these gifts are perfect for practical and minimalist recipients. They encourage slow moments in everyday life and will not only make your loved ones feel cherished but also support their well-being long after the holidays are over.


INSPIRED BY: "How did you know?!", chores already taken care of, everything in its place, a surprise cup of coffee delivered in bed, and restful sleep rituals after a long day.

Warmth & Comfort (Physical Touch)

Physical touch plays a crucial role in fostering intimacy and closeness. To celebrate the importance of physical connection in your life, we selected a collection of cozy gift ideas that offer warmth, comfort, and relaxation support. From soft blankets to indulgent body care products and plush pillows, these gifts will help create a cozy atmosphere and enhance the sense of connection. These considerate gifts not only bring luxury but also serve as a tangible reminder of your love and affection, making them perfect for expressing an understanding of their daily life.


INSPIRED BY: The feeling of home, hands around a warm mug, a stolen kiss, the fiddle of jewelry, and the sensation of a sweater straight from the dyer.

Treasured Tokens (Receiving Gifts)

For individuals whose love language is receiving gifts, the sentiment and gratitude expressed through each present are highly meaningful. To honor their uniqueness, we offer personalized gift ideas that embody the essence of cherished keepsakes. Consider handcrafted jewelry, unique vintage items, or carefully curated gift boxes that cater to their specific interests. This ensures that the act of giving a gift becomes a memorable and significant experience.


INSPIRED BY: Compliments on an heirloom, “it reminded me of you", an inside joke, handmade details, or a rare find at a flea.


Understanding and catering to different love languages in gift-giving can deepen our connections and make our gestures of love and gratitude even more meaningful. We invite you to explore our gift guides and find the perfect expression of love for your special someone. Whether it's through heartfelt words, quality time, acts of service, physical touch, or treasured tokens, these gift ideas are sure to convey your love and appreciation in a way that resonates with their love language and continues to celebrate your connection all year long.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, our gifting concierge is here to help. You can reach out to us at and we will help you find something just right.

Download the gift guides and discover the perfect gift for your loved ones. And find even more inspiration for intentional gifting. 
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