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Find Your Wings Butterfly Wood Plant Pick


Butterflies are complex creatures, going through complete metamorphosis to get to their final stage. Their ability to fly after going through this transformation is the embodiment of freedom. May this plant pick be an uplifting symbol of your own development, a reminder that we develop, not suddenly, but in stages.

Spruce up your space or surprise your favorite people with these plant picks as a gesture of your ever growing love. A fun way to add personality to your houseplants, just stick them in the soil with your plant babies and admire them every time you pass by. Whether you're a plant novice or have named all the plants in your collection, these plant picks will bring whimsy and joy into your everyday.


  • Hereafter | Los Angeles, Ca
  • Laser-cut Wood
  • 3.5" x 3" with 2" ribbon
  • No two are exactly alike