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Cocktails Herbs Seed Set


A kit of three seed packets to help you grow sophisticated herbs for your homemade cocktails and mocktails.

Though the classic cocktails use mint—this trio of Moroccan Spearmint, Shiso, and Lemon Balm herbs offers a tart, herbaceous, refreshing, and lemony garden-to-glass experience. 


Moroccan Spearmint: A compact variety of mint that can be used to flavor food, make tea, or scent a patio.

Shiso: Also known as 'Japanese Basil' and is neither mint nor basil. This green and purple jagged-edged beauty is becoming more widely used in Western gourmet cooking and mixology with its hard-to-pinpoint citrusy, herbaceous, and sweet flavor.

Quedlinburger Niederliegende: Lemon Balm with a higher essential-oil content than other lemon balms. The list of reasons to love and enjoy this herb is endless—culinary, cosmetic, and medicinal values long with a beautiful lemon scent. The tongue twister of a name comes from Germany and it means "growing along the ground without setting roots."

The packaging includes an in-depth report on each plant along with instructions on sowing, timing, spacing, growing, caring, supporting, harvesting, and eating! 


  • Moroccan Spearmint Shiso Red and Green Mix Lemon Balm Quedlinburger Niederliegende
  • For urban growing—easy to grow
  • Standard Open Pollinated Seed, No Hybrid, GMO-Free
  • Made in Italy
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