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Virgo Season Guide


Grounding, Flexibility, Practicality, Reliability, Patience, Industriousness, Meticulousness, Refinement, Wisdom, Acts of Service

The Guide

Virgo marks the season of change and harvest. While they remain grounded and secure, this flexible sign helps us connect to the earth's seasons and discover the rhythm of life. Their keen eye and practical sensibilities make them the constant gardener, nurturing and editing what is necessary for growth and prosperity. They may become single-minded or overly anxious in their meticulousness, but this is always in a quest for improvement and development. During Virgo season, you can optimize efficiency in every aspect of daily life by leaning into the systems, organization, and routines that ground you and optimize your success.

Correspondences & Tools


RULER - Mercury

MODALITY - Mutable

SYMBOL - The Maiden

KEYWORDS - I Analyze

COLOR - Sprout or Mushroom

DAY OF THE WEEK - Wednesday

AREA OF THE BODY - The digestive system

TAROT CARD - The Hermit, Suit of Pentacles

CRYSTALS - fluorite, agate, citrine, topaz


  • Full Moon in Pisces - August 30th
  • New Moon in Virgo - September 14th


  • Mercury Retrograde in Virgo - August 23rd
  • Mercury Direct - September 15th
  • Venus Square Jupiter - September 16th
  • Fall Equinox - September 23rd

PLAYLIST - This act of kindness

ALTAR SUGGESTIONS -Marjoram, vervain, aniseed, hazelnut, walnut, rosemary, narcissus, lily, fluorite, agate, citrine, and topaz are all symbolic. Focus on trinkets that remind you of teachers, magicians, and herbalists. Additionally, any symbol that represents cleanliness and organization, knowledge, magic, or intuition can also be used. Finally, any communication devices that require a blessing can be included as well.

Get The Guide

Are you curious about what Virgo Season means for you? The Astrology Guidebook has everything you need to build a knowledge base, explore the symbolism of the season, and apply the details to your own chart.


The Collection

Explore our collection of Virgo season gifts, perfect for the grounded, flexible, and practical nature of this sign. From organization tools to crystals for grounding and clarity, find something for even the most meticulous and industrious Virgo you know.

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