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The Slow-Scopes: Pisces Season - Ardent Market

The Slow-Scopes: Pisces Season

Pisces is a zodiac sign that embodies kindness, consideration, and compassion. Its capacity for sensitivity towards ourselves and the world is the nutrient we need to strengthen our relationships, society, and future potential.

Pisces is a watery sign that is shapeless and permeable, like mist or morning dew. It never quite settles or takes form, but it can soften even the hardest among us. Pisces seeks to brighten surfaces, alleviate pain, and connect us with something deeper. This sign is always making room for those in need, detecting mistreatment, and creating healing space. With its borderless nature, Pisces readily accepts love, emotion, and kinship from those around, recognizing that empathy is the solitary drop that connects us with our humanity.

During Pisces Season, we undergo sensitivity training where we learn that vulnerability and a lack of defense are ways to challenge scarcity and thrive in a patriarchal world. Being generous and tender to others can open numerous opportunities to engage, connect, and receive. Although disarming ourselves and softening our boundaries might seem counter-intuitive, Pisces assures us that it's key to nurturing our collective future.

Pisces starts with a conjunction between Chiron and the North Node, quenching the need to dissolve pain with utmost compassion and kinship. As Pisces is a reflective time, the astrology of this month poses questions ready for answers as we navigate the last few weeks of winter. So, let your imagination flow and become a wellspring for dreams, connection, and the embodiment of compassion.

These horoscopes aim to inspire you to embrace each season slowly and mindfully. They are written for your rising sign, but feel free to read for both your rising and Sun signs. You'll know which one resonates with you the most. As always, take what works for you and disregard the rest.

These guides are written by a budding astrologer, who is constantly learning and translating astrology into plain English for loved ones. Don't take these too seriously. If you wish to share, please tag us on social media so we can connect with you.

Slow Scopes

Aries Rising & Aries

Give yourself a fresh start. Secrets and unresolved issues are likely to surface during Pisces season. Recognizing what you're prepared to release, and what no longer serves you, will breathe new life into your journey and set you free. The most underrated part of a new beginning is the editing process.

Taurus Rising & Taurus

The emphasis is on your relationships rather than your knowledge. This month, cherish your networks, show compassion for your community, and share your good fortune with friends and even strangers. Take time to appreciate the many blessings that come from the kindness of others.

Gemini Rising & Gemini

Pisces tends to focus more on the 'why' rather than the 'what' or 'how'. It seeks to uncover the essence of purpose and emotion. In your vocational house, let this time serve as a reminder of your mission. Whether that mission is to change the world, show compassion to those less fortunate, or provide imaginative solutions to old problems, allow this stage of your career and leadership to be guided by love.

Cancer Rising & Cancer

It's time to venture beyond your comfort zone.—Embrace the unknown and the lessons it holds outside of your shell. Expand your horizons by reading non-fiction, immersing yourself in niche podcasts, and enrolling in classes to enhance your knowledge. Make every experience, even a walk home, an adventure. The world is full of uncharted waters, ready for you to dive in and absorb all they have to offer.

Leo Rising & Leo

Acknowledging your feelings is crucial right now. This part of your chart is ripe with understanding and profound revelations. Doing the work now means receiving support and kindness. Make it your goal to ask for help and strengthen that ability. You're a welcomed guest at the Pisces table, so let go and find comfort in good company.

Virgo Rising & Virgo

Allow yourself to find romance in the most unexpected places. Appreciate the fleeting moments between strangers, the effortless intimacy of best friends, the unspoken communication between business partners, and, of course, candlelit moments with your love. Connect with the people in your life and cherish the closeness you can feel every day.

Libra Rising & Libra

Your work-life and health naturally coexist, and we often make choices between the two. In our world, health and work satisfaction take a back seat to productivity and achievement. Pisces is urging you to prioritize what you’re neglecting. Choose yourself, opt for better, and watch everything else dissolve in your overflowing cup. Embrace the feminine urge to beautify everything, and it will become so.

Scorpio Rising & Scorpio

The unpredictable nature of creative endeavors can spark inspiration. Don't confine yourself to one area; embrace enthusiasm and possibilities. Being present is key—connect with your emotions and physical sensations during creation to gain a deeper understanding of how your creative work enriches you.

Sagittarius Rising & Sagittarius

What parts of your ancestry or home life are you feeling intuitively drawn towards? If you're longing for a home-cooked meal, a place to hang your hiking boots, or a DIY regenerative gardening project. Now is the chance to embrace simpler times and explore the magic of having healthy soil to root in. Don't forget to share your grandmother’s recipes with your chosen family, allowing food and shared memories to bring you closer.

Capricorn Rising & Capricorn

Your daily life deserves some tender loving care. Seek ways to sweeten your routines and rituals this month, or better yet, discard them. Dependence on tradition can sometimes make a box. Enjoy dessert first, jump to the end, and invest in loving morning and evening rituals for yourself. Not because you deserve it, but because it's your birthright to enjoy your life.

Aquarius Rising & Aquarius

Take some time to declutter and organize your finances and resources. Utilize the influence of this water sign, along with your new companion Pluto, to nurture your talents, harness your skills, and connect with your financial well-being. Being resourceful and generous can open up new opportunities. Pour in this aspect of your life, Aquarius, and you'll have a reservoir to draw from later.

Pisces Rising & Pisces

Your projects, dreams, and visions hold long-term significance. Despite the potential frustration of Saturn drifting through your sign, seize every opportunity to discard what no longer serves you. This will ensure the sustainability of the seeds you're currently sowing. Even better, learn to say yes to people and things that make you feel seen, valued, and generous.

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