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Finding Comfort in Chaos: Little Luxuries - Ardent Market

Finding Comfort in Chaos: Little Luxuries

My house is under major renovations right now and the little things are making the biggest difference to daily life. I may receive a few laughs from the crew as I clutch my double-walled glass cup for my morning coffee, wear brightly colored bandanas for drywall dust fashion, and have candles, incense, and sprays at the ready.

These may seem unnecessary considering the scale of the project, but sustaining as much comfort and luxury in the tiniest ways are proving helpful as I see 75% of the house dismantled.

The little things that often matter the most are typically the ones that get neglected when things pick up. Fun, luxury, and comfort are frequently the first to be sacrificed in our daily routines, but it's worth questioning if these are the right compromises.

We have to make choices and navigate priorities, but the world's demand for speed and achievement doesn't necessarily mean choosing between productivity and pleasure. Instead, we can find ways to incorporate small comforts to balance our workload and make the tasks of our lives more sustainable.

The little things that bring you joy are the single act of rebellion and help us find slowness in our fast lives.

Here are some things I'm enjoying, even amidst the renovations


Despite the arrival of longer days and warmer temperatures, I'm still drawn to woodsy scents. The long nights, drafty rooms, and foggy mornings call for comforting notes of woods, tobacco, and leather. These fragrances are like a comforting hug from nature—less invigorating and more enveloping.

Explore our Woody Fragrance Family and find a scent that feels like settling into a well-worn leather chair with a new book, hopefully with less drywall dust.

Practical, but Make it Fun

I have an unconditioned love for bandanas. They are the most versatile accessories – serving as a scarf, hair tie, gift wrap, handbag charm, luggage tag, and currently, a drywall dust face mask. They are soft, pretty, and require minimal care. Despite the teasing about my assortment of bandanas, I don't mind at all.

Browse through some of the best bandanas from my personal collection. Let me know when you have one for each day of the week, because that's the vibe!

Universal Glassware

Cleaning has become increasingly challenging, and we're strongly against single-use items for environmental reasons and because drinking from them isn't enjoyable. Soggy coffee cups and leaky plastic are where I draw the line on being “low maintenance”. I rely heavily on yield double-wall glasses. They're perfect for all beverages, hot or cold, and I seize every opportunity to use them.

Take a closer look at the Yield Double Wall cups and change your beverage game for good.

Celebrating Your Shelter

Proper body care is essential, especially when everything around you is in chaos. Winter months can be harsh on your skin (refer to our winter skincare guide). Fortunately, our fantastic vendors prioritize non-toxic and effective formulas. As you take care of yourself and find moments of calm, these incredible oils, serums, scrubs, and moisturizers can provide even better care for your skin.

These products work harder so you don’t have to! Shop some of the best non-toxic formulas around!


Consumerism doesn't define us, so here are some other things I'm enjoying:

  • Cut flowers
  • This cheerful playlist
  • Treats for us and the crew
  • A sugary breakfast (despite what they say, a muffin and berries are the only way I can tolerate the sound of power tools before 8 am)
  • Skipping chapters in a book that I don't love
  • An afternoon spent in silence
  • Pockets of sunshine
  • Having a uniform, which starts the day with a small win

I hope you find time to enjoy the little things in your daily life that make it a bit softer and slower. Don’t let the decision be about what you can forgo for the sake of the project or plan. Instead, let it be the thing that will make your project easier, prettier, and more fun! Lean into the things that make the work more enjoyable.

What are some kind and joyful things you can do for yourself this month?

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