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September Mood - Ardent Market

September Mood

Lately, I've been leaning into the harvest of the season and taking advantage of the remaining summer vibes while they last. Here in California, summer fades away slowly, allowing us to appreciate the changes without feeling rushed. There is a rhythm to change, subtle and intuitive, but the anticipations and worries can snuff out the magic.

This month, I want to focus on the importance of self-nurturing. What we think we know about our needs, and what we intuitively feel are very different things. September is a great time to take a closer look at our daily routines, habits, and practices, and make sure they're supporting us in a kind and compassionate way.

I'm wishing you a month that's filled with intentional action, and considered rest—all grounded in the spirit of self-care and self-compassion.

Curated for September

Our September Curations offer a little something for everyone. We have essentials for those preparing for the inevitable chill, as well as thoughtful finds for those seeking a gentle home and life reset. There are hints of gathering and coziness, as well as some intuitive tools for establishing routine in life. As we transition from summer to fall, some special releases are coming to AM. This collection serves as the calm before the storm.

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