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Sometimes, when I struggle to get things done, I take a step back and rearrange my priorities. I learned a long time ago that productivity and tangible results aren't the only measures of success. To me, success means more warmth in my home, friendliness with strangers, dog-eared book pages, banter with friends, well-rested nights, and mornings with endless self-care. It means more freedom, ease, and connection.

When I prioritize this way, I avoid endless sacrifice without replenishment or feeling too exhausted to enjoy a self-promised reward. These sacred moments should not come at the end of hard work. In the worldly productivity circuit, rest and joy are often seen as treats rather than choices we make for ourselves. The goal is to live a life we love in every possible moment, not to hustle our way to it.

We all deserve to work towards something other than burnout. For many of us, that path has been walked so many times that it feels uncomfortable to pivot and carve out something new. But this May, I challenge you to find a rhythm and flow to your life and make choices that support not only your goals and intentions, but also a happier, supportive, and sustainable way of life. You might just discover that better results come when your projects and purpose are more enjoyable. 

You deserve ardent living.


The Collection

This month, I’m introducing Gift Sets to AM. Something we are always here to offer is more peace of mind and intentionality. Purchasing gifts can be overwhelming, especially when you are unsure how to communicate your love or gratitude. Each set is thoughtfully handpicked, wrapped in a gift box, and includes a personalized handwritten note. We have curated some of our most beloved finds for you to give with confidence and save some of your precious time.


The Playlist

I revived and freshened up this playlist from 2021 because it’s one of my personal favorites and we have so many new friends to share it with. Inspired by long afternoons, sun-drenched naps, and cheerful soirees, this playlist is a sunshine staple—best enjoyed with tan lines, bare feet, and the rolling laughter of friends.



What are some of your intentions/goals for the month? 

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