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Introducing Your Guide for the Cosmos

Learning about astrology can be overwhelming due to the sheer amount of materials and resources available. I remember consuming books, saved posts, and podcasts in an attempt to decipher the language and symbolism of the stars. It was easy to get lost in translation and my collection of resources became cumbersome, both digitally and physically. So I decided to put all my notes and sketches in one simplified and interactive Astrology Guidebook.

This guidebook helps on both fronts. It's a valuable asset for building a knowledge base, an easy reference for self-study, and a space-saving document that frees you up to learn without the internet and maybe even without a screen. It contains everything you need to understand natal charts and horoscopes, and even translate the astrology you absorb in the wild. It's a gift I wish I had given myself as I peeled back the layers of my own chart and explored the synastry I share with others.

Before diving in, note that this is a reference guide that embraces the nuance of signs, traits, and behaviors. It's about looking at the whole picture and finding relatability and empathy. While some signs and planets have more favorable characteristics, each energy brings something to be curious about. The focus is less on predictions, stereotypes, and superstitions, and more on the living experience and embodiment of the cosmos.

Having your chart on hand will help you better understand each section and gain more clarity about the components of astrology and how they relate to you. Keep this guide handy in notes, and better yet, print a copy for a device-free experience.

Like all good travel companions, the Astrology Guidebook will help you navigate each step of the learning journey as it unfolds. It's not a plotted course; it's a key to the map of your stars.





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