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Discover Your Perfect Home Fragrance With Our Olfactive Families - Ardent Market

Discover Your Perfect Home Fragrance With Our Olfactive Families

Our home is our sanctuary, and the essence of our living space has a profound impact on our mood, energy, and well-being. Home fragrances are essential for creating a welcoming and comfortable environment, and they make a sweet gift for just about everyone. However, selecting the right fragrance online can be challenging, with lots of reading, clicking, and sorting involved, and it's hard to know what you're getting without smelling it first.

At Ardent Market, we understand the importance of home fragrances and the trust involved in finding and gifting them. That's why we've curated our new home fragrance olfactive families, designed to make the search a little easier for you. Our collection includes four distinct fragrance families: Fruity, Floral, Woody, and Green/Earthy.

Fruity Scent Family

Our Fruity fragrance family embodies the zest and sweetness of fresh, ripe fruit. This collection features scents like citrus, stonefruit, plums, and berries. From crisp and bright to fruity and creamy, these fragrances will create a cheerful and energizing space. They are perfect for celebrating late spring and summer. The zesty profiles are wonderful for sunny, open areas, such as an office or studio, where you need a lift. The natural juiciness and verbena can even carry you into the kitchen or dining room, creating a clean and bright atmosphere.


Floral Scent Family

For those who prefer a more delicate and botanical scent, our Floral fragrance collection captures the essence of fresh flowers. In this category of blooms, there are notes of jasmine, tuberose, and lily balanced with exotic white musk, soft vanilla, or rich incense, making a selection that’s appealing to both floral and non-floral enthusiasts alike. This family of blooms offers a romantic take on spring and can even lift the fogginess of late winter. Each candle and incense can create a luxurious bedroom or signature living room fragrance that is both fluid and cheerful.


Woody Scent Family

Our Woody fragrances are smooth, warm, and dry. Each fragrance is chosen for its rich and grounding feel and features common notes of cedarwood, vetiver, amber, or patchouli. From silky and salty to velvety and subtly smoky, this olfactory family is like slipping into a leather chair. These hearty and enveloping fragrances deserve some larger rooms to linger in. They are cozy and a little mysterious, often nostalgic in that "can't put your finger on it" way. Lean into the dry and warm properties of these woody notes during fall and winter. They make living rooms and even bedrooms feel cozy.


Green / Earthy Scent Family

Finally, our Green/Earthy fragrances have an herbaceous quality to them. Grounding foliage and notes of sage, eucalyptus, hemp, and teas create a nostalgic freshness that is gentle on sensitive noses and feels connective to the earth. These lush notes are the perfect transition from summer to fall. Still a little green and reminiscent of the outdoors, they will help you savor the sun and prepare for the harvest. These fragrances are essential for creating a spa-like experience in bathrooms. Don’t be shy about layering these notes in smaller spaces or blending them in open-concept rooms.


Experience the joy of scent with our new home fragrance olfactive families. With our curated collections, you can now easily find the perfect fragrance that suits your mood, personality, and home decor. Use these groupings to narrow down the essence that you gravitate towards or try them all and create a home with dimension and a little storytelling. So you can elevate your home, senses, and gifts with our home fragrance collections.


Our Home Fragrances collections are always available and can be found in our menu. As new items arrive or restocking takes place, you'll always be able to find what you're looking for.

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