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August Mood

August is like the slow Sunday of summer, a space where we can stretch into the long hours, blazing afternoons, and garden bounty. Hopefully, we won't have to give it up too soon.

Like a restorative Sunday, I am focusing on the simple pleasures of life this month. The bright, light, and expressive late summer sun inspires me, as does the generosity of sharing meals with loved ones, the nourishment in daily practices and even chores, and the particular sigh this season holds.

In this sundaze, the invitation to just be welcomes a host of creative, abundant, and healing practices. As we enter the last few weeks of summer and the wake of this Aquarius Full Moon, I hope you can let go of any expectations, opinions, or "shoulds" that weigh you down. By embracing your authentic self and listening to what you need, you will welcome better and shed what isn't yours. I hope you can come back to yourself again, and again, and again.

Curated for August

Relaxation is not just about escaping to a tranquil space, far from the hustle and bustle of daily life, but also about appreciating the simple pleasures that surround us. Whether it's the places we unwind, the elixirs that soothe, or the scents that encourage our rest, the little kindnesses we give ourselves can have a significant impact on our well-being. These small moments of relaxation can help us recharge and face the world once again. So, take some time this month to enjoy a curated moment of relaxation.


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