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Aries Slow-Scopes

Aries is a zodiac sign that embodies bravery, enthusiasm, and initiative. Its capacity for bold action and fearless exploration is the spark we need to ignite our passions, drive our personal growth, and begin the Astrological New Year.

Aries is a fiery sign that is vibrant and dynamic, offering the burst of energy we need to jumpstart new cycles. Aries seeks to awaken passion, challenge stagnation, and connect us with our inner drive. This sign is always forging ahead, detecting opportunities, and creating momentum. With its fearless nature, Aries readily embraces challenge, action, and competition from those around, recognizing that courage is the catalyst that propels us toward our goals.

During Aries Season, we learn what it means to be brave. Courage and a willingness to take the lead are ways to challenge inauthenticity and thrive in a world that rewards initiative. Being bold and assertive can open numerous opportunities to engage, connect, and succeed. Although charging ahead and pushing our boundaries can force us into our growth edges, accepting innate power will help us break into a transformative year.

This spark comes with a little sulfur—we enter the shadow of Mercury Retrograde on March 18th and Eclipse Season begins on March 25th. It's easy to overlook important tasks during this time. Make sure to save drafts, rest, jot down daring ideas before publishing, and delay impulse purchases. This type of astrological climate encourages double-checking, reviewing, and taking brief pauses. Refinement will follow, but the key is to balance daring with some introspection and gentleness. Learning to temper your fires will be the most significant gift for your upcoming Astrological year.

These horoscopes aim to inspire you to embrace each season slowly and mindfully. They are written for your rising sign, but feel free to read for both your rising and Sun signs. You'll know which one resonates with you the most. As always, take what works for you and disregard the rest.

These guides are written by a budding astrologer, who is constantly learning and translating astrology into plain English for loved ones. Don't take these too seriously. If you wish to share, please tag us on social media so we can connect with you.

Slow Scopes

Aries & Aries Rising

This month, Aries, is like a jolt of caffeine to your bloodstream. Your intuition, ambition, and communication are becoming bolder and more in tune with your purpose. It may feel as if your grand dreams have been given a megaphone. Still, remember to pause and breathe. Attention to detail can help make your bright ideas more sustainable with practical follow-through. Rest may not be what you want to hear, but instead, take some time to celebrate. Savor the victories and detours at every opportunity. You're starting this new year with a much-needed push, so enjoy it. We might not convince you to slow down, but we can encourage you to appreciate the progress.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

Bravery is an inside job, Taurus. Acting on your instincts takes practice. To be propelled into your next cycle, take time for yourself. Softness and sensitivity are your best allies, especially when it comes to finding the power of your emotions and the daring to ask for what you desire. When you practice sharing what you want, you strengthen your connection with yourself and your trust. As the intensity of the season picks up, lean into your people, enjoy an early bedtime, say "no" to extra work, and journal through the doubts. Discover how your instinct likes to communicate with you (journaling, meditation, music, hobbies, walks in nature) and prioritize those activities.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

As a social butterfly, your networks will be buzzing with significant information, opportunities, and ideas this month. It's perfectly acceptable to choose what supports your dreams, not just your ambition. Embrace your role as a pollinator this season and gather from various sources. Although you might be tempted to burn out in tea-spilling glory, try to practice listening and discovering the magic within these networks. Collect everything and reserve judgment until the sun enters Taurus or Mercury goes direct.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

This month is all about redefining how you want to show up in the world. Your instincts are primed to carve out a new path in your industry, assume more leadership roles, or embrace main character energy. The beauty of this season is that you don't need a detailed plan to get started. Going your own way is beneficial for you. So, take a break from self-editing and let go of your reservations. Change doesn't have to feel like reckless abandon, but more like a course correction to ensure your public roles align with your true self. This season is designed for you to step into a new shell, and you'll spend this time growing into it.

Leo & Leo Rising

Your hunger for inspiration and communication won't be fulfilled with a limited menu, Leo. Try free-writing, explore a new medium, enroll in a class, pursue your interests, and embrace the initial messy drafts. You're prepared to venture into the unknown; trust that it's leading you closer to who you are. Your most brilliant ideas await you in travel, books, and education. This month, engage in what sparks your enthusiasm.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

Exciting ventures and collaborations are awaiting your initiative. Don't hesitate to make a pitch, voice your ideas in meetings, apply for grants, or send a message about co-creating something you've been working on. Not every idea has to be perfectly crafted to be impactful or achievable. What you need this season is self-confidence, which can be nurtured through small victories and gentle refinements. Use this time to strengthen your connection with yourself and your community, and watch as opportunities blossom like wildflowers.

Libra & Libra Rising

Do you have a significant idea to share with your business partner? A bold plan for your close connections, and a new direction you want to pursue? Now is the time to forge and nurture relationships with your co-conspirators. It takes courage to share something you're excited about authentically and vulnerably. Let this season inspire you to prioritize daring over likability. It's challenging, but worth the effort. Share your biggest dreams with your confidants, and start putting them into action. Your true supporters will always be there to cheer you on and provide support during the wobble of eclipse season.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Balancing work and life can be a significant challenge, but the secret is that the more you care for yourself, the better your output. It requires courage to prioritize your well-being over your ambition. Valuing one doesn't diminish the other, but it can enhance your significant achievements. Adjust your schedule, express your thoughts in meetings, and manage your daily tasks with more kindness. This month, make a serious effort to protect your life priorities by making them as enjoyable and fun as possible.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Your creative and romantic pursuits are reignited. However, it requires courage to act on instinct rather than escapism. Power and responsibility are connected, and honoring this connection means taking your pleasures seriously. A wildfire of creativity is waiting to be shared. Regardless of any doubts, committing to this is an act of devotion to your life. Use this season's courage to pursue art, creativity, and passion in whatever form it takes. Follow the dreams that follow you. There will always be time to edit, refine, and rewrite.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Prioritizing your needs is the key to discovering radical insights. Welcome the emotional drive to redecorate, connect with family, establish new traditions, and define your sense of home. Each action you take toward creating a supportive foundation will guide you throughout the year. By fostering a sense of stability and home, trust that you're paving the way for great achievements. Cultivate comfort, embrace your chosen family, share the fruits of your labor with those you love, and uncover a renewed sense of magnetism and purpose.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Currently, there's a focus on your everyday life and expressing yourself boldly. Utilize emails, texts, and calls to connect with others, view feedback as a call to action, and welcome any changes that favor your passion projects. Allow your instincts to invigorate your daily routines. This season, your routines are subject to change, and the initial draft may be chaotic—let this liberate you. There's strength in the rituals that nourish your purpose, rather than just filling your schedule. Let these instinctive urges guide you towards showcasing your projects and making more room for realizing your dreams.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Be courageous in managing your finances and setting boundaries around your talents, instead of waiting for someone else to do it. Your gifts thrive on generosity, so show some to yourself this month. Dust off the data, delve into the rules, and challenge the systems you're using as an excuse, dear Pisces. Your way is the best way. So, immerse yourself in a decolonized bookshelf, tune into a feminist financial podcast, and free yourself from the fear of "doing it wrong."


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