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Astrology Guidebook - A Key to Your Cosmos

The Astrology Guidebook is the ultimate digital companion for mastering astrology.

This guidebook is the perfect asset for building a knowledge base, an easy reference for self-study, and a space-saving document that frees you up to learn without the internet and maybe even without a screen. It features houses, planets, aspects, signs, a glossary, and charting for a thorough understanding of the cosmos.

The Astrology Guidebook has everything you need to understand celestial bodies, your natal chart, horoscopes, and more. Download this guide to gain valuable insights and an interactive key to the map of your stars.

The images include a small sampling of pages from the workbook.


  • 22 Pages
  • Contents: Houses, Hemispheres, Quadrants, Planets, Aspects, Signs, Elements, Modalities, Open Chart & Note Pages, and a Glossary of Terms
  • Written by Emily Marks
  • This is a digital product | Each purchase includes 4 downloads

+ Get Your Copy: You will receive an option to download the workbook in a PDF file directly after your purchase, and a copy will be sent to your email. It can be saved, printed, and referred back as long as you need.

You will have 4 downloads if your original copy gets misplaced. Please save your confirmation email, so you have access to your copy as needed.