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APRIL MOOD - Ardent Market


Every April, I am reminded that action creates motivation, not the other way around. Spring, being the season of air, can make us think and overthink the mechanics of our dreams. We may believe that coaxing them out under perfect conditions is the only way to make them a reality.

However, creation is messy—in the best way possible. Building, manifesting, and creating is challenging work. Yet, small and imperfect actions help our dreams take shape and give them the attention they deserve.

This month, take action on your dreams. Don't strive for perfection, but aim to make progress. Give life to the things that inspire you and expand your community. Use this transformative, resilient, and growth-centric season to plant the seeds you've been saving for endless tomorrows. Today is the day.


The Collection

The shop will be introducing a variety of new items in the upcoming weeks. From modern tarot cards and natural lip-plumping balm to outdoor games and cocktails & mocktails—there is something for every part of your home and your lively spring lifestyle. It's a busy, playful, and energetic month at AM, so keep an eye out for our new arrivals.

In the meantime, we encourage you to take a moment to appreciate the beauty of nature and stop and smell the flowers. Spring brings newness and excitement, but amidst the busy buzz of life, there are many opportunities to savor the transformation. Connect with nature, bring a little of the outdoors inside, and remember that you are nature, from your state of being to your physical body.

This collection is bound to put a spring in your step.


The Playlist

We are celebrating the sweet energy of spring renewal. This vibrant mix of sounds is inspired by the nuance of transformation, the chaos of dreams, and the playfulness of potential. Renewal features cheerful tunes from different eras, because we are always in the process of becoming. It's best enjoyed when seeking brighter beginnings.



What are some of your intentions/goals for the month? 

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