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SPRINGING FORWARD: A Rebrand Story - Ardent Market


Spring is a wonderful time to plant seeds and enjoy the vibrant, refreshing energy in the air. While January marks the beginning of the calendar year, Spring is the start of the zodiac calendar, many ancient holidays, and nature's new beginnings.

It made perfect sense for Ardent Market to start anew as well. I am excited to announce that we are refreshing our brand, website, and offerings just in time for the season! This project has been close to my heart for months, and I'm amazed that I managed to keep it a surprise.

From the start, I made sure that every investment went towards supporting indie brands and improving your customer experience. I made economical and simple decisions. However, as this business has grown, it has outgrown the delicate scaffolding I initially built. It was time for a new look, vibe, and a renewed commitment to what is important to this community.

These changes highlight the connections we've forged and the changes (and challenges) we've experienced over the past three years. This update and brand refresh celebrate curiosity, fresh starts, and new beginnings.

Over the next few weeks, you'll see new colors and designs, notice some shifts in our offerings, and have a better understanding of our values. As always, you'll enjoy a slower, more meaningful shopping experience.

 I hope you love it as much as I do.
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Blair Smith - April 13, 2023

Really interesting post!

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