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June Mood

June is my favorite month of the year for good reason. As we transition from the excitement and energy of spring to a more relaxed and spacious summer, it's a time for hopefulness, leadership, and personal growth. With longer days and warmer weather, we have more time to shift our focus from our goals and workflows to the things that bring us joy, warmth, and happiness.

This month, I've been reflecting on how we can cultivate, protect, and share the things that give us life. I believe that June is the perfect time to invest in your own happiness. Take the time to explore new hobbies, connect with friends and family, and pursue your passions. Whether through travel, creative pursuits, or personal development, there's no shortage of ways to find contentment and fulfillment.

So this summer, take advantage of all the chances that come your way. Even in unexpected places, optimism can be found, and I hope this June presents you with every opportunity to experience it.


The Collection

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive on my Instagram #amshoptalk is, "What is your favorite...?" With June marking the start of summer and serving as a source of inspiration for me during another trip around the sun, I thought it would be fitting to share some of my current favorites. These picks are centered around happy hours at home, trips to flea and outdoor markets, and the things I tend to live in during this time of year.


The Playlist

Heatwave is a collection of tunes perfect for kicking off the Summer Solstice. This set of sounds emphasizes growth, independence, and cool bass lines. It's best enjoyed with your windows down, in the heat of the day with tan lines.


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