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Your Guide to Libra Season - Ardent Market

Your Guide to Libra Season


Charm, Harmony, Justice, Ease, Friendliness, Thoughtfulness, Idealism

The Guide

Libra marks the season of balance and harmony. This adaptable sign helps us establish connections with others and find equilibrium in our lives while remaining diplomatic and easy-going. Libra's need for harmony and peace fuels a sense of fairness and justice, making them skilled mediators who nurture and refine what is necessary for peaceful coexistence. However, their open-mindedness may occasionally lead to indecisiveness and deferring to others.

During Libra season, you can optimize balance and harmony in every aspect of daily life by embracing cooperation, compromise, and cultivating meaningful relationships. It is the perfect opportunity to find peace in not knowing or having opinions. After the wave of perfectionism that Virgo brings, let this season be about the pleasures and recalibration of life. Libra reminds us that some things in life can be solved with grace, generosity, and meaningful connections. Let the beauty of this Venus-ruled sign show you the magic in ease.

Correspondences & Tools


RULER - Venus

MODALITY - Cardinal

SYMBOL - The Scales

KEYWORDS - I Balance

COLOR - Petal & Daydream


AREA OF THE BODY - Kidneys and Endocrine System

TAROT CARD - Justice, Suit of Swords

CRYSTALS - Lapis Lazuli, Marcasite, Copper, Rose Quartz, Chrysolite, Selenite


  • Full Moon in Aries - September 29th
  • Solar South Node Eclipse in Libra - October 14th


  • Mars Conjunct South Node - October 4th
  • Mars Square Pluto - October 8th
  • Venus Trine Jupiter - October 21st

PLAYLIST - This daydream of a playlist

ALTAR SUGGESTIONS - Strawberries, apples, figs, peaches, plums, cakes, sweets, walnuts, almonds, millet, honey. Additionally, include flowers with round, luscious petals that are soft to the touch, such as lilies, daffodils, and fresh-cut roses. You can also incorporate anything with roses, such as rose spray, rose oil, or rose petals. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, consider using spring flowers, while in the Northern Hemisphere, fall foliage is a good option. Use copper or brass, lapis lazuli, marcasite, rose quartz, chrysolite, selenite, and feminine deities or symbols of connection and balance. Place any jewelry you want to be blessed on your altar. Select pairings of items that represent partnership, love, balance, and beauty to you. Use a white or green cloth as a base.

Get The Guide

Are you curious about what Libra Season means for you? The Astrology Guidebook has everything you need to build a knowledge base, explore the symbolism of the season, and apply the details to your own chart.


The Collection

Explore our collection of Libra season gifts, perfect for the charming, harmonious, and diplomatic nature of this sign. From beautiful home decor to thoughtful accessories, find something for even the most amiable and idealistic Libra you know.

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