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Intentional Mother's Day Gifts - Ardent Market

Intentional Mother's Day Gifts

It's easy to fall back on classic, thoughtful gifts during Mother's Day such as flowers, cards, and candles. However, if you're looking for something more meaningful for your mom or mother figure, we have some suggestions from actual moms to take the guesswork out of the process.

Moms and mother figures do so much, and it's important to celebrate their dedication, love, strength, and nurturing. Instead of a regular collection from a daughter, a couple of members of the community (including my very own mom) volunteered to select some of their favorite finds from Ardent Market, covering everything from tending your garden to hosting events and practicing self-care. They've thought of the best finds and shared some important insights.

We hope you enjoy this community-curated collection of gifts for mom and find every opportunity to shower your mom or mother figure with love and appreciation.

Gretchen’s Picks


  • Mother of three & Grandmother of two
  • Retired Kindergarten Teacher
  • Enjoys floral arrangements, gardening, and sketching


GARDENING TOOLS (Mister, Scoop, and Shears) - I spend a lot of time outside and have worked hard to make my backyard an extension of my home. Luckily, California has well-behaved seasons, so I enjoy spending time in the garden. Anything plant-related is sure to make it onto my list of favorites. These planting tools are both fun and helpful! I previously owned a soil scoop that had seen better days, so the fact that this set is made of steel and looks beautiful on my potting table is a major win for me!

INCANDESCENT CANDLE - I do not have a sense of smell, but I do want my house to smell good. Lighting candles helps me feel confident about my home. I love these candles because the container glows so beautifully and with the descriptions, I can pretend to smell them. Incandescent is my favorite scent because it receives the most compliments when it's burning. Plus, these candles last a very long time! I know candles don’t seem that exciting, but these feel special.

PICTURE JASPER BRACELET - The color yellow reminds me of cheerfulness, garden flowers, and spring. It's optimistic and goes with just about everything. I originally chose this bracelet for its color, but my daughters keep me informed about crystal properties. I learned that this one is for "creativity and grounding," and I think after this year of changes, we could all use a little bit of that! I might even get a couple as gifts for myself.

Tracy's Picks


  • Mother of two
  • Community leader + founder at Daisy Made
  • Unwinds with gardening, soothing baths, and pulling Tarot cards


PALMISTRY HAND CREAM - As a mother, my hands take a beating, and hand cream is something I wouldn't usually splurge on for myself. This gorgeous jar would make me feel pampered and cared for.

MODERN WITCH TAROT - Ever since it was released on Ardent, I've been eyeing this gorgeous deck. I love the blend of traditional elements with vibrant colors and modern illustrations. My tarot practice is one of the few things I do alone and purely for myself, and getting this deck would be a special acknowledgment of that.

SOFIA ECO FRINGE CLUTCH - How fun is this clutch!? I am obsessed with the fringe detail. Accessories become practical when you're a mama, and this bag is the perfect combination of easy-breezy and still allows me to show off my personality!

Laura's Picks


  • Mother of one
  • Works at nonprofit
  • Slows down with time at the beach, hosting friends & family, and traveling (when her little one is old enough)


RAYA STACKING CUP SET - This set is beautiful. We have open shelves, which can be a nightmare, and I love small groupings of everyday items. My favorite part about these cups is the way they stack (because every mom becomes good at juggling). They are the right size, so I can even risk carrying all four to the patio. So chic and practical, I would be thrilled to own a set.

TURKISH BATH TOWELS - I know I'm not supposed to want things that I should just go out and buy myself, but here we are. Nice bedding and towels are a luxury in my house. I find myself tucking away my favorite things for a "special occasion," but these towels would make each day feel special. They are plush, soft, and at a good price, and I know Em only brings in the best.

THUNDERBIRD BLANKET - I cannot express how much I love and use these Mexican blankets. They are soft, durable, and pre-baby, I used them regularly. Now, I won't leave the house without one. From camping to days at the beach, folding over the stroller, and covering up on the patio, I even have one in the living room as a play blanket because they are indestructible. I love white, even as a mom, and want to make a public service announcement not to be afraid of lighter colors. They dry quickly and wash like a dream.


These moms graciously added a few more items to the cart to create a fun collection! Each item is hand-selected by our volunteers, so you can browse with peace of mind knowing that your finds are certified mom-approved.


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