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Cancer Season Guide


Loyal, Protective, Intuitive, Sentimental, Compassionate, Romantic

The Guide

The summer solstice marks the sun's entrance into the wise, nurturing, and emotive sign of Cancer. Though not as lively and carefree as a pool party, this water sign offers relief from Gemini's small talk and calendar invites in exchange for a fulfilling, rich inner world and romanticism of life.

Ruled by the moon, the symbolism of phases and tides can offer perspective on the constant evolution that Cancer experiences. As the crab navigates water and land, it skillfully survives whatever current or change—existing in both worlds with determination and wisdom. From various terrain to the shift of shells, the crab is constantly in touch with the inevitability of change.

Cancer season gifts us the opportunity to trust in our emotions and cycles of everything. This season can teach us all to recognize our feelings, examine what's caught in the sand and seaweed, discover what deserves sacred protection, and decide what's ready to be shared with the world. Over the next month, you can reconnect with your roots, your loved ones, and your emotions for deeper connections and a little romanticism.

Correspondences & Tools


RULER - The Moon

MODALITY - Cardinal

SYMBOL - The Crab


COLOR - Alabastar


AREA OF THE BODY - Stomach, Breasts, Chest

TAROT CARD - The Chariot, Cups

CRYSTALS - Silver, Selenite, Pearls


  • Full Moon in Capricorn - July 3rd
  • New Moon in Cancer - July 17th


  • Mars Square Uranus - June 26th
  • Lunar Nodes Enter Aries & Libra - July 17th
  • Mars Opposite Saturn - July 20th

PLAYLIST - This nostalgic mixed tape

ALTAR SUGGESTIONS - Incorporate silver, selenite, pearls, mother of pearl, or any item that is white, luminous, or resembles the moon into your altar. For food offerings, choose items with a high water content such as melons, cucumber, lettuce, and grapes. Use iris, lilies, poppies (especially white ones), sandalwood, jasmine, bitter almond, anise, lotus, and moonwort for incense or decoration. You can include anything on your altar that represents care and ancestry, as well as anything else that is white, luminous, or moon-like.

The Field Guide

Are you curious about what Cancer Season means for you? The Astrology Guidebook has everything you need to build a knowledge base, explore the symbolism of the season, and apply the details to your own chart.


The Collection

Are you looking for the perfect gifts to celebrate the season or spoil your favorite Cancer sign? We've curated a collection of goodies that are just right for the intuitive, nostalgic homebody in your life.


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