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Rebirth Spell Candle

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The Rebirth Spell candle was designed to bring courage and hope as you shed old ways and usher in new thought patterns and perspectives. We love the Rebirth Spell Candle for guidance in prayer and meditation. To help focus energy during rituals and spell work and add special intentions/magic to baths.

Besides its unique magical benefits, the candle has a gorgeous woodland scent combination of pine + thyme, making it a soothing and refreshing fragrance in your home. We love it for the deep, intentional breathes it brings.

The Rebirth Spell Candle is crafted and blessed by our talented healer and witch at Manifest Box. It is created for you in the guidance of transformation to help you let go of old patterns and habits to welcome new. It is especially powerful for anyone experiencing a healing practice or service.

Each candle is hand-poured, contains nesting crystals, and is blessed. Each candle will be selected for you and will be personal to you. Pocket your crystals or place them somewhere memorable when the candle is finished.


· Four Corners Studio | Nevada | Woman Owned
· Small Batch | Hand-Poured | Organic
· 9 oz, approximately 50 hours of burn time
· Trim wick 1/4 of an inch before each burn
· Ingredients: blend of soy wax, natural plant waxes, and other proprietary ingredients. Each candle is lightly scented with phthalate-free fragrance oils. No dyes or coloring added for an even cleaner burn.


· These small batch items are especially made for Ardent Market, and were crafted and blessed during the 4/4/2020 portal.
· These products are used to deepen spiritual/energetic/emotional practices and are not to be replaced with traditional medicine.