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Love Ritual Oil

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This heart-opening oil is a staple to help focus your intentions. This oil is straight-up magic, crafted with crystal and moon charges. The cold-pressed, and small-batch rose, and citrus ingredients are thoughtfully processed and blessed by our talented healer and witch at Manifest Box. The oil is intended for you to deepen self-love or a current relationship, open the heart, attract new love, or re-ignite the 'spark.'

You can use this oil in many ways to enjoy its benefits. We love it dropped in soothing baths, dabbed on wrists, massaged over the heart, and even dropped on a candle (avoiding the wick)

The oil is infused with Rose Quartz for heart-opening, love attracting, and compassion building. Whether you're looking for the love of your life or more self-love, Rose Quartz will help you relax and trust in the divine timing.


· Four Corners Studio | Nevada | Woman Owned
· Small Batch | Cold Pressed | Organic
· .5 oz
· Rose Quartz
· Ingredients: Organic, cold-pressed almond oil, organic rose oil, organic cinnamon oil, organic lemon oil, organic jasmine oil

· These small batch items are especially made for Ardent Market, and were crafted and blessed during the 4/4/2020 portal.
· These products are used to deepen spiritual/energetic/emotional practices and are not to be replaced with traditional medicine.