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Intention Ritual Kit

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You are not new to Manifest Box' magic, and the incredible tools created for us to deepen our practices. Owner, healer, and witch, Mallory Leone assembled a ritual kit composed of the same tools she uses in her personal practice and work with clients.

The Intention Ritual Box is an essential tool to cleanse and clear energy daily. It's also an incredible way to solidify your spiritual routine and incorporate more natural products into your spiritual practice.

This kit provides the materials to heal and banish scarcity, cleanse your environment, anoint a meditation or bath, heal regrets and anxieties, get clear, open and grounded.

Everything in this Intention Ritual Kit is handmade or hand-curated and blessed under a waxing moon to bring an abundance of love and prosperity into your life.


· Four Corners Studio | Nevada | Woman Owned

· Small Batch | Hand-Crafted and Selected 

· 1 hand-poured soy wax blend spell candle (4 oz.) |1 L'Acqua Energy Cleansing Spray (1 oz.) | 1 Prosperity Ritual Oil (0.5 oz) | 1 sacred smoke stick (eucalyptus and lavender) | 1 hematite palm stone | 1 4-inch selenite stone | 1 ritual card 



4 oz. Plenty Spell Candle: With soft notes of orange and spice, the Plenty Spell candle was created to heal and banish scarcity, while attracting exactly what you need to feel whole. 

L'Acqua Energy Cleansing Spray: An all-natural, smokeless alternative to burning sacred herbs. Easily carry your spray anywhere for a quick spritz of energy cleansing goodness.

Prosperity Ritual Oil: A hand-blended and blessed anointing oil for use in meditation and intention setting. Add a few drops to a bath for some added prosperity or use whenever you want to feel abundant.

Sacred smoke: I love using this gorgeous eucalyptus and lavender sacred smoke stick to cleanse the energy of a room or even the entire house! Eucalyptus can bring fresh energy to a situation, heal past regrets and future worries, and relieve burnout and exhaustion.⁠ Lavender has a grounding vibe and helps heal anxiety and melancholy.⁠

Hematite: Hematite helps to absorb unwanted and negative energy. It's an incredibly calming stone, helping to ease stress, worry, and anxiety. Use this stone in meditation and carry it with you for grounding and protection.

Selenite: Use selenite in meditation and intention setting for protection and good luck. Selenite also helps to clear, open, and activate the crown chakra, while clearing unwanted energy from the rest of the body.


Please Note:

Using oils in the bath and shower can create slippery surfaces when wet. Use with caution when bathing. For your safety, clean all affected surfaces with soap and water after use.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any type of disease or medical condition. No claims have been made or approved by the FDA. Please research all essential oils and other ingredients before using if pregnant or nursing.

Results may vary and aren't guaranteed. These tools are not intended to replace medical care.