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Energy x Vitality Crystal Set

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Say it with us, "I have all the energy I need to accomplish my goals."

This combination of stones will aid you with protection from negativity, and support in clarity and a limitless mindset.

Crystal healing has been with us for centuries, carry the stones with you, intentionally place them in your home, and hold in your hands during meditation. Each kit comes with three stones, a thorough description of the stones and a carrying pouch.

+ Bloodstone - A stone for energy, and the ability to overcome self-doubt and negative thoughts.
+ Hematite- A grounding stone for harmonizing mind/body/spirit by eliminating stress and worry.
+ Clear Quartz - The 'Master Healer.'


• Cast of Stones l USA
• Stone size and color will vary
• Use as tool for holistic wellness. Crystal healing is not intended to replace medical care.