Discount Scale


The shop needs you, and we are endlessly grateful for your support. But, we are making new together, which means acknowledging when the community needs our help in return. I believe the solution to our diverse needs is a discount range.* Rather than flash sales and promotions, we are now offering a choice of discounts so you can pay what you can afford. No one needs to be turned away from something nice for themselves, or a gift for a loved due to current hardships. We are truly in this together, and what matters most is that you're inspired, empowered, and cherished.

The discounts are all active and tiered from 5% - 20% off. If you have the means to purchase without a code, please know your support is so appreciated. You are providing Ardent Market with the opportunity to continue our partnerships with many artists/makers and celebrate their incredible works.

*There are some collection exclusions from this discount range. But, I am just a click away. Feel free to contact me anytime with the products you're looking for and what you can afford to pay. Ardent Market is still a small business, but if there is a way to help you, we will!