We are a carefully curated store of handmade goods and vintage finds for home, body, and being. We are here to support our communities, educate, share, and host events to connect us with a more holistic and inclusive form of design and retail.

It is our vision to cultivate a community of inspiration through the careful curation of meaningful objects. We like pretty things and kind, creative people. And we know you do too.



'Ardent' found the owner through reading many years ago. As cliche as it sounds, the word came up in a Jane Austen novel. She understood how to express love to a degree, "how ardently I admire and love you."

That's how we feel about life, the objects we use to enrich it, and the people who create them. We ardently love the inspiration, creation, and collection of goods. They are a force of enthusiasm and passion for us, primarily since our lives are now composed of collecting, sharing, and creating things.

We like pretty objects, powerfully creative people, and good energies. When the opportunity came to combine all of our favorite things, we couldn't pass it up.  We invested in a marketplace for energy, intention, and inspiration.

At AM, we believe in turning routines into rituals, celebrating the finer things in life, and honoring the talent and humanity in our communities. Our degree of love is shown through each picture, copy, post, order, and inspiration.




Emily Cariker is the owner, curator, and writer for Ardent Market. It has been a long time coming for her to own a space filled with objects, ideas, and passions that deserve to be celebrated.

You can usually find her in funky coffee shops, or buying trips— with a journal and some pocket crystals in hand. She will flee to the desert any chance that she gets to fill her creative cup and get back to nature.

She believes in living a life out loud, full of feeling, and magic. She is our source for what it means to live ardently.