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Pollinators' Flowers Seed Set


 A kit of three seed packets to help pollinators survive and visit your balcony in the city or to enrich your garden.

Contains three seed packets of Brighton Rock Snapdragon, Starfire Mix Marigold, and Munstead Blue Lavender for a pollinators' buffet of blooms.


Snapdragon Brighton Rock: An heirloom variety that comes with a lovely blend of pastel bi-colored blooms. Only large pollinators like bumblebees and hummingbirds can pollinate snapdragons because the petals are too heavy and full for smaller insects. 

Starfire Mix Marigolds: Native to Mexico and Central America, popular for their delicate, tiny, single, golden-to-orange flowers, lacy foliage, and dwarf habit. They are hardy and easy to grow, and a feast for bumblebees and butterflies. Starfire Marigolds are an exceptional bedding plant that repels pests, and their flowers and leaves have a superb citrusy flavor. 

Munstead Blue Lavender: This compact English variety is a pollinator favorite for its fragrant plant and has both pollen and nectar to feast on. Another huge benefit is that it blooms during a midsummer gap when bees are usually the hungriest but have fewer pickings. This variety is a great choice for compact containers and is widely used in cooking as a condiment for salads, soups, and stews. Its fresh or dried flowers are used to make tea, while the fresh flowers can be crystalized and added to jams and ice cream. 

The packaging includes an in-depth report on each plant along with instructions on sowing, timing, spacing, growing, caring, supporting, harvesting, and eating! 


  • Brighton Rock Snapdragon, Starfire Mix Marigold, Munstead Blue Lavender
  • Standard Open Pollinated Seed, No Hybrid, GMO-Free
  • For Urban Farming—easy to grow seeds
  • Made in Italy
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