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Free Standard Shipping on domestic orders of $150+
The Recycling Mission - Ardent Market

The Recycling Mission

It doesn't have to be Plastic Free July for us to care about the environment and take extra steps to run a clean business. Every day is Earth Day at Ardent Market. In our initial phases, it was understood that we want to produce less waste, not add to the ever-growing pile. After working retail for over a decade, I learned that each business handles its waste differently. Few of those businesses discussed new ideas for cleaning up their processes.



We have some eye-opening information for you on our country's waste. First, the United States alone uses around 100 billion corrugated boxes each year. Cardboard and paper make up 41% of our solid waste, and the average household throws out 13,000 separate pieces of cardboard every year— most of this cardboard comes from food items and RETAIL.

A terrifying example of this waste: In the United States, 850 million tons of paper and cardboard are tossed annually, which equals 1 billion trees. That means that each American' household uses 7 trees per year in cardboard and paper.

These statistics are just for cardboard, tissue, and newsprint. These numbers don't include the packaging materials that are made from plastic, like bubble wrap or glass foam.



We do not have it all figured out, but we have made some strides in how we process and pack your orders. We intend to stop mindlessly contributing to the problem. As a US shop with US products, it's an essential business practice. It seems simple enough, but we are recycling the boxes and materials from every order we receive and have begun outsourcing.



Every order we receive from an artist, brand, or maker is sorted and stored. So, each order is using those same materials when your order is placed. Everything that enters and leaves the studio is not new. There are some occasions that we need extra packaging for your breakables or the pretty, feel-good factor to your package. In which case, all materials including tissue, business cards, and ribbon are constructed from recycled materials, made in the US, and biodegradable. Not every box is pretty, but if it can withstand some brutal shipping conditions, we will use it! We know you're not judging the box, but you want the items inside safe and sound!

We want you to order with some peace of mind, knowing your order has not contributed to some of those startling facts. We also hope you will recycle some of the boxes and packaging materials yourself!



As the business grows, we know we will need some help with continuing our recycling mission. If you live in the OC/LA area and would like to donate some of your boxes and materials, we would love your help! For your efforts, you will receive a free shipping coupon code to use as many times for as many boxes. Save a box, and save the cost! Please email for more information on the materials needed and logistics for pick up!


If you're interested in objects we have that support our efforts for a cleaner planet, please explore: the Memobottle, Greeting Cards (made from recycled paper), and the Vintage finds!

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