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The Homebody Initiative

The Homebody Initiative

I've talked about making space before. I've explained the need for intentionally filling our energetic space and time with compassion and presence. With this increase in the time and decrease in distractions— I thought it would be helpful to give you some options to invite more calm, connection, inspiration, and comfort during this time.

There are so many things to do, and frankly, not do. It's okay if you don't want to fill your days with activities immediately. Being still, mindful, and restful is still appropriately filling your energetic space. You know what you need right now, lean into that.

As a seasoned homebody, HD Projector, and all-around introvert, I am a veteran at keeping busy and monitoring my energy output. I compiled a quick list. Most of these suggestions have been specifically road-tested by yours truly, and I strongly recommend you chime in on the comments and share some things that you think help!

We are all in this together.


To Invite More Calm

  • Meditate
  • Journal (especially a gratitude practice!)
  • Walk (safely)
  • Enjoy some yoga
  • Practice 4-7-8 breathing
  • Do an art project
  • Try a 20-minute workout
  • Take a long bath
  • Stretch and unclench your jaw
  • Make a coffee ritual with your nice dishes to slow your mornings


To Invite More Connection

  • Facetime with loved ones
  • Create Zoom parties
  • Take a virtual workshop (like Holisticism)
  • Download Marco Polo for fun video updates from loved ones
  • Write letters
  • Send flowers (local florists are offering safe drop-offs and have an extensive inventory that will be lost.)
  • Pull Tarot Cards
  • If you can practice safe, physical distance, offer to deliver groceries and meals to loved ones


To Invite More Inspiration

  • Make a board of beautiful things on Pinterest
  • Create a new playlist
  • Plant some seeds
  • Commit to your book list (Currently reading Atomic Habits by James Clear)
  • Tidy and clean
  • Draw, Paint, Create
  • Learn a new language with an app
  • Dance around your home
  • Break out a challenging puzzle or download a puzzle app


To Invite More Comfort

  • Make your bed with fresh linens
  • Watch some cooking or design shows (Currently watching “Abstract” on Netflix)
  • Complete a home project you've had on your list
  • Spend time in sunshine or a garden
  • Organize or color code some drawers
  • Light candles
  • Make tea
  • Meal prep nutritious food
  • Count your breaths in and out
  • Sort through some photos in files to print


A Word For Small Business

Any supplies or materials you need can come from small businesses. i.e., books, flowers, groceries, baked goods, craft supplies, teas and coffees, and wellness goods, just to name a few. 

Many small businesses have the supplies and resources. We also see a rise in "safe shopping" hours and procedures. When in doubt, call for their options for pick up or deliveries.

If you've needed to reschedule any appointments and services, like hair cuts, yoga classes, or spa treatments, opt to purchase a gift card over the phone to redeem during a safer time instead of cancel.

How are you filling your space right now?

Ardently, Em

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