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The Decks

I'm going to break the ice. Tarot.

Whew, I'm glad we got that word out of the way. I need your attention for this post. I can't be worried about whether or not you think I'm too spiritual/hippie/crazy for you. Tarot has that effect on people. It can take the most openminded human you know and close them up quicker than you can clap your hands together. Tarot brings up associations of magic, of psychics, of cults. For the average person in the US, those are some big words with a lot of negative swirl around them. This is not your induction into anything; it's not even advice.

Consider this Tarot 101 for the curious and inspired. I'm here for you; I'm always here for that energy. As Neel van Lierop of Inner Compass says, "Be who you are and walk your own path." It's at this point I ask the curious to stay and walk with me a little.


My path brought me tarot, oracle, and mindfulness decks. It took a long time for me to get comfortable practicing with cards, let alone share the practice with others. I'm volunteering a little of my insights, so you can feel safe to explore your own. These cards have been a tool for lasting change in my life. Change to listen when I want to react, wander when I want to isolate, level up instead of fall apart, and sit in stillness when it's the most difficult. They have given me a tool to make the right decisions for no other reason; then, I am following my gut. I am in tune with more than my worries or ego. I want everyone to know this practice is available.

With a deck, at the very least, you will have a practice for mindfulness. You'll breathe, touch the cards, read the words, and think about how it's relevant in your life. There isn't a right or wrong way to use them. However, If you can commit to your practice, you can cultivate a deeper understanding of yourself and the cycles of life and emotion.

Let me begin by saying that I do not believe that the cards hold magic. I don't think someone is trying to talk to you from another world. I know that you can't change anything with the flip of a card. I'm relatively sure that you cannot see the future.

I do believe that you can make the experience magical by how willing you are to dive into intuition, consciousness, habits, and emotions. I think each card provides the questions for you to answer with your inner wisdom. I know that if you practice with intention, you can create change and alignment with your purpose—you can make your future. You can also honor energy, faith, and intuition in a very visual way. The cards provide a means for you to return to a child-like instinct that has been clouded by stress, ego, and distraction. For so long we have been over-committed to busy existences. This single practice can slow what feels like a race in life.

I won't deny that it can feel very mystical and very much like Woo. I still feel a catch in my breath when I flip a card. I don't think that rebellious, secretive, magical feeling truly leaves you. It just becomes more normal. Now that I've begun the process of energy healing, reading cards for others has been an enormous joy and source of confirmation. Sharing these decks with you and becoming a stockist is one of my most significant achievements.


We have two oracle card decks in the shop, Inner Compass and Inquire Within. I'm sure, over time, there will be more. But, I launched with a deck that's special to me, and a deck I know is easy to connect with.

Inner Compass is composed of 49 cards, gorgeously illustrated. The box also includes a book with moving insight and redirection back to your intuition. Neel van Lierop wrote and designed these cards because of her journey back to herself. She wanted to share the light that opened up her world to a clear life and purpose. With cards like Timing, Authenticity, and Wonderment, you can't help but feel inspired and challenged. Her very purpose with this deck is to get you back to self and continue life's journey in that power.

Inquire Within is written and illustrated by Kristen Drozdowski of Worthwhile Paper. She crafted the most delightful deck for mindfulness and curiosity. Each of the 53 cards has a unique image and statement for general insight or a suggestion. With the sweet combination of illustration and words, the meaning can be absorbed without much direction. They are perfect for traditionally pulling cards and would be great to post around the home as reminders. This deck is playful and an excellent way for you to start the conversation with your inner child.

Each deck is beautiful and helpful for your practice, but ultimately, the one that appeals to you is the one you need. Each pack has its own instructional materials for the technical how-tos of a spread or pull. I am just an email or direct message away if you have any questions about which deck is right for you. I also do a reading on Instagram at the beginning of each month so that you can explore with me!

You are curious and inspired; you know what you need. If you've come this far, I do too.






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