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October Oracle Drawing - Ardent Market

October Oracle Drawing

Your October cards were pulled using the Hollow Valley Deck of Symbols this month. October always feels like a magical month, a month to discover what is seemingly impossible and challenging. For the naturally curious, libra season, two full moons, and elections, it's a month of potential and discovery.

That being said, October is what you make it, personal sovereignty over all things, so it doesn't matter what card I pull for you; you need to pick it for yourself.

Let's go ahead and do that. Take a deep belly breath, ask yourself what October will bring, and mentally pick your card— 1, 2, or 3. Scroll to see what it is.


imagination, weightlessness, communication of ideas, movement.

"Air requires us to understand the link between ideation and progression. Dreams provide insight and clarity, but bringing those dreams into reality and into the world around us is what makes the world a more exciting and interesting place...When air gifts you with inspiration, be sure to share it. Use it to bring something tangible into the world to be experienced by the senses."



openness, receptivity, possibility, abundance, love

"When Cup appears, it is a reminder to be receptive and open to the things that are trying to come into your life. Right now, there are an abundance of possibilities available to you, whether you've been able to see them or not...Cup suggests that there are good things coming to you and that the universe is on your side. If you've been feeling great, Cup is a nudge to share the abundance of your good fortune. If you've been struggling, Cup is an omen that something is coming your way to provide you with the love and care you need...Cup will remind you to open your arms, ready to receive whatever gifts are arriving."


wisdom, healing, mystery, finding yourself

"When we enter into the dark mysteries of Forrest, the only way out is through. Though at first glance, Forrest can seem daunting and sinister, the woods are teeming with life and beauty just waiting to be discovered. Forrest asks us to regress deep into ourselves- to the depths of our souls. Here we find truth, purpose, and meaning. It's also where we work through our old stories, our biases, and cast off the faulty lenses...Forrest is a threshold, and always brings immense shifts in our psyche...We must willingly walk into the darkness, so that we may be found.



All the snippets come from the Hollow Valley Guidebook and is a part of the deck set, which can be found here.

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