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November Oracle Drawing - Ardent Market

November Oracle Drawing

Your November cards were pulled using the Inner Compass this month. With another full moon, Scorpio season, elections, and the end of another challenging retrograde, November is a mixed bag of gratitude and anxiety. This month can gift us with the self-reflection, growth, and connection to finish out this year on a more hopeful note.

That being said, November is what you make it, personal sovereignty over all things, so it doesn't matter what card I pull for you; you need to pick it for yourself.

Let's go ahead and do that. Take a deep belly breath, ask yourself what November will bring or what you need to be mindful about. Sit with this for a moment and mentally pick your card— 1, 2, or 3. Scroll to see what it is.


Inner Compass Spread For November



Integrating new things in your life can be tricky. It takes at least forty days to rid a bad habit or incorporate a new pattern. Right now, is there something in your life that you want to change, remove, or introduce to your daily routine? Do you want to meditate? Ease on your planning? Move away from your phone or computer? Every integration calls for practice; practice comes from trial. Just do it! This card asks you to really put your money where your mouth is. Focus is essential here; multitasking often gets highly overrated. Do not spread yourself too thin; you are better off handling one thing well, then several things in halves. If your heart tells you you have practiced enough, then you can test it. You do so by no longer putting any effort into it. As new things flow smoothly and effortlessly in your life, it means you have mastered them. This is what integration is all about. 




When you surrender to love, you let your heart do what it does best: love. Your heart desires, your heart opens, your heart aches, your heart breaks, and your heart heals. All these things are love. You deserve love. You are love. If the past has taught you that love hurts, know that estrangement or rejection caused your pain, never love itself. It is safe to keep your heart open, only love has the power to heal. This card points towards a period overflowing with love, or shows that love is coming your way. One way or another, it will hit you. It could be that new love is already at your doorstep or that you suddenly notice love where you took it for granted before. Love can manifest in an unexpected hug or by realizing your deep connection with a loved one. Real love often shows itself in ordinary and mundane. It does not need to be big, vivacious, or perfect. It needs to be real, no matter the shape or form. There is always enough to go around, for everyone and especially yourself. In the end, it is not a matter of being in love, but of being love. For you are pure of love, even when you sometimes forget where to find it and how and how to act upon it. Love is a great mystery, love is always there.



You are resisting something or someone. This card asked you to fully let go of control and start accepting instead. Life can be heavy and complicated. By surrendering yourself fully to grief, despair or whichever intermediate feeling you might have, you create space for change. Through surrender, you can overturn anything. You are no longer a victim of your feelings; identification with negative emotions stop. Do not hold onto them out of habit. Releasing and surrendering is liberating. You are greater than your feelings. You are limitless consciousness. Emotions are ephemeral; they are simply to warn you or teach you a lesson. Let them work for you, not against you. Take deep breaths and allow all feelings to be, without trying to hide them, or feed them, or fix them. You control your own life! Every situation gives you the power to decide whether you will meet it with love or with fear. Experience life with sadness or joy. When you apply this practice, you will experience deep inner peace and unconditional love. Exactly what you are.



All the snippets come from the Inner Compass Guidebook and is a part of the deck, which can be found here.

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