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New Year Intentions

The year is coming to an end, and the social buzz is riddled with anxiety-provoking, guilt forming, 'hustle' language. I think you're doing great, and I think it's okay to wrap some things up. But, let's divorce ourselves from this idea that the last lap is the only work that matters.

I don't want to waste any more of your time talking about 2019. It happened. Somehow, another 12 months of our lives zoomed by without so much as a honk and wave. So what I am proposing is a way to slow things down and add a little more intention to your life, and the upcoming year. Sometimes we need to focus less on the end of things, and start to shape the beginning- the new and magical beginning.

Intentions are a serious tool to create a little more focus and direction in daily life. When months have passed by, and you're wondering when that 'gumption' you want will land in your habits and thoughts, this is the right practice for you.


Intention Vs. Resolution

When I think of resolutions, I tend to think of bodily health goals that are vague (or shaming in some way) or a to-do list of chores for the year that doesn't inspire any change or development.

No one is going to stop you from making resolutions, by all means, if very specific and attainable goals work for you, run with it! There are plenty of people out there that don't have motivation/discipline issues like I tend to.

In general, I prefer to welcome more bravery/vulnerability/creativity in my life with intentions, rather than the removal of habit strengths like so many resolutions advocate.

I focus on intentions for the year because it feels like a general theme. Of course, I have goals to accomplish, but intentions shape those goals and provide value to them. For example, if I intend to live with more mindfulness, some goals would be daily meditation, breathing techniques, and practicing habits to boost focus and curiosity. The intentions inspire the goals; the goals support the action.

You need both energy/thought and action to create any meaningful outcomes in your year.


My Intention Work

Setting intentions each year has changed how I approach my goals, listen to my intuition, and resolve problems. Since 2014 I've had a year to create, one for presence, balance, bravery, and surrender.

I started choosing a word the year my father passed. It was a way to put one foot in front of another and start to carve out my own existence in a meaningful direction. I wanted to make space from emotional chaos I found myself addicted to. I started to write emails and discover new layers to my interests, skills, and overall well-being.

Each word/year lent lessons that I probably would have missed without that inner-churning of "You're brave enough to face this," "You can create anything you put your mind to." "What's here is meant for me." When faced with the daily stimulus of life, I realized every choice could build a future I actively participated in.

I give a lot of personal development credit to the words I choose. Granted, there was therapy, workshops, travel, and loved ones to make all of this possible. My evolution will never be solely composed of the work; it's a complicated formula, one that we as humans have the privilege to seek the solution.




Choosing your 2020 Intention

Whatever you choose for this year— a word, phrase, or feeling. I hope you open yourself up to the possibility of what change can mean for you. If you're picturing a year, a complex and powerful year, can you see what you look like at the end of it?

Are you bolder, more resilient?
Do you have more money and live abundantly?
Are you taking more risks and wearing brighter colors?
Are you following your intuition and trusting your 'gut'?

Can you feel as though you've accomplished everything and more? Your objective is to find that one intention that fills you with sunshine when you think about 2020. Something that you can work towards no matter what goals you're placing gold stars next to.

I hope you can.

You're already living and thriving in this life; I hope you can feel it every day and find new ways to shape your reality and empower your future self.

Here is to 2020 and the words we choose to shape it! If you're feeling brave, drop your intention in the comments! We would love to see what the community is working towards!



If you're interested in receiving a FREE copy of our intention workbook, please submit your email here.

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