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We are on winter break. All orders take 5-7 days to process.
We are on winter break. All orders take 5-7 days to process.

From My Mom To Yours

It's easy to lean into the classic, thoughtful gifts during Mother's Day: flowers, cards, and candles.  But if you're missing your mom or mother figure in a complicated time, we figured you might want some meaningful suggestions from an actual mom.  

Moms and mother figures really do it all, and it's important to celebrate the dedication, love, strength, and nurturing. So instead of a regular collection from a daughter, my own mom curated a collection so you can snag some gifts that feel good to send and come with a proper endorsement. 

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Willow Indigo Lumbar

I love the color blue in my home, especially when it comes to pillows and rugs. With the house being fairly neutral, I like bringing color in this way. I chose this pillow specifically because Norwegian Wood lumbars are a perfect size! They work in every room of the house. This pillow is so soft I want one in every room too!

Bungalow Soy Candle

I do not have a sense of smell (not COVID related), but I want my house to smell good. Eventually, I can start hosting again, and lighting candles helps me feel confident about my home. I love these candles because the wood wicks crackle, and I can pretend I can smell them. I've decided Bungalow is my favorite because it gets complimented the most when it's burning. They also last a very long time!

Mady Hoop

I loved these earrings the first time I saw them. Em likes to tell me about exciting new brands she finds or gets to work with, so I heard a lot about Yam for a few weeks. For a good reason! These earrings are special; they are dainty and unique. I also love the flowers and how each bead is different. They remind me of something my Gram would have given me, something cheerful but not too delicate. We are both big Yam fans now— I would wear these even with a mask; they are worth the trouble!

Black + White Hanging Planter

I spend a lot of time on my patio, I've worked hard to make it like an additional room to the house. We are lucky in California to have some well-behaved seasons. When I am not working, I spend time outside in the garden, so anything plant-related will make it to my list. These hanging planters are fun and decorative and would look nice on my covered patio. I also have to get creative with vertical space because I have a little destructive puppy right now. They are practical and beautiful!

Monthly List Pad

I love this monthly calendar for the size and simplicity. It is beautiful on my desk and doesn't take up too much space. I also like that it is customizable— they never really seem to make calendars that start when I need them to, so this guarantees that I have whatever month I am planning with a few circles. I love lists, and I find it hard to sit and journal regularly, so the intentions column is a very nice feature. I like that it's a calendar and notepad all in one!

Rhodochrosite Bracelet

Pink reminds me of cheerfulness, garden flowers, and spring. It's optimistic and goes with just about everything. I originally picked it for the color, but my girls constantly keep me updated on crystal properties. I read that this is for "healing emotional distress," and I think after this year, we all need one! I might get a couple as gifts myself.

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