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March Card Reading

We blinked, and it is March. Spring is on its way, followed by Aries Season and the astrological new year. It's fitting to celebrate March, and all its sprouts and transformation with the Inner Compass Deck, since it was the first deck I ever owned and fell in love with. It is the beginning for me, and maybe for many of you. After sitting with spring energy, and all the renewal coming to AM, I am thrilled by what leapt out of the deck.

You know how it works— take at least one deep, restful breath, and close your eyes. Consider this month ahead. You do not have to take action; just observe your thoughts and how you feel in your body. When you are ready, open your eyes and mentally select a card from the image above. Scroll to see what you chose.


Inner Compass Spread


Good teamwork relies on cooperation and trust. You have drawn on this card to examine the relationship of your mind, body, and soul. In this trinity, the soul is the deepest version of you, it is the inner voice that talks to you. As team players, your body and mind work together with the soul to guide you. Insecurities, panic, and stress all tell you that something needs to change. You have deviated from your actual path. Look at those signals as emotional feedback and listen to them. When you are not aligned, you counter-act yourself. You want what is best for you. The body does not always know what the soul wants. Your mind is not attuned to what the body needs. When you have a pure and clear connection to mind, body, and soul, there is space to feel what you actually need. Therefore every moment of every day, you can ask yourself the question: "What do I need to feel well?" When you are stuck in 'oughts,' and 'shoulds', and 'musts', you are blocking yourself from real emotions. Listen carefully to what the body, mind, and soul are telling you. Fine-tune the messages and follow your impulses. It is okay to diverge from fixed patterns to do what feels right. Before long, you will be living in harmony with yourself and the universe around you.


Life is constantly changing. Cycles repeat themselves continuously. The Mayan people organized a pattern that moves from initiation to refinement, to transformation, to completion. Right now, you are in the face of transformation. In this phase, you can let go of all things that no longer serve you. What remains is who you really are. It appears as if you are going through a crisis; stuck in the old with the new yet to come. Remember that crisis is a transitional period. It is painful to let go of well-known patterns or people, even when they bring you stress and negativity. Letting go is needed to clear space for something new. This card invites you to allow all difficult feelings that might come up. As soon as you accept them, the sky will be clearer. Surrender yourself to the energy of transformation, everything will change along with you. Seize this opportunity to get closer to yourself and surround yourself with things that make your life so valuable.


Subconsciously you might feel it already: new ideas, people, or situations are entering your life. Embrace them! Every change brings along a new beginning. The old makes way for the new. It can be scary to let go of old, well-known patterns, leaping towards the unknown. Even when the choice is not yours, the end of something does not need to be negative. Can you see the opportunities a new beginning brings? Do not stay stuck in your own resistance and limiting believes, this means that you are fighting with life. Let the new enter accept the unexpected without fears or doubts. Move in the direction of renewal, open yourself up to the growth that comes with this new chapter. You will feel grateful for the change. This card indicates a fresh, new start. It motivates you to see those chances leading to action and new initiatives. Fresh experiences are paired with fresh knowledge. This is the way to expand your horizon. Things that were beyond your scope before, present themselves clearly now. How delightful! Be confident and welcome to the new in your life.

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