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Make Space

I've been thinking a lot about the Compassion card that was pulled for this month. The Inner Compass Cards always have that lasting impact on me; I take each message as the intention for the month. I sat down to brainstorm how we can collectively create more compassion in our lives, how we can create action to the intention. Each time I jotted something down, it became clear that the key is in making space. It's the space that we give ourselves and others mentally, emotionally, and physically, that matters the most.

There has been some heartbreak the last few days in our country, and honestly, the last few years. Some of the hardest challenges in pain and loss come from the amount of room we give to heal. Heal from heartbreak, from confusion, from anger. It is just as important to celebrate kindness when it's natural, as it is to give it when we feel depleted or even numb. It's not a matter of what happens in our lives, but what we make room for; what we give attention and energy to.

Making space means opening ourselves up to things like healing, growth, awareness, and connectedness. These are all the elements for community and creating equality, respect, and compassion.

I've listed out some ways you can make room for yourself, for others, and in your home. Take your time to feel through this list and reflect on how you can show up for the care of yourself, your community, and your environment. Compassion doesn't have to live in the grand gestures, but it can grow in the space we give it.


Space for Yourself

• Turn off notifications on your devices
• Feel your emotions without judgment, but practice curiosity
• Ask a loved one to coffee to share your feelings
• Write down affirmations or visualizations
• Sign up for a class that lights you up like dancing, pottery, or cooking
• Practice 4-7-8 breathing
• Meditate and create a practice around this time
• Drink more water
• Spend some time outside, consider a walking meditation
• Turn on your favorite comedy
• Make a meal at home
• Connect with some crystals
• Journal and make it a daily promise
• Look through old photos
• Make a staycation for yourself
• Cancel plans
• Practice your boundaries from love


Space for Others 

• Practice active listening and hold space for their emotions
• Invite loved ones to one on one time
• Drop off some groceries for a family in need
• Mail a card that made you laugh
• Call a loved one, even if it's just to leave a message
• Keep opinions to yourself and accept boundaries
• Pre-schedule get-togethers and make them a priority
• Put devices away when you're in company
• Learn something new about someone you know, or someone you didn't
• Share a playlist that makes you smile
• Donate to charity
• Pick up trash when you see it on the street
• Try a new activity with others, like rollerskating or volleyball
• Create a book-swap in your neighborhood
• Donate the fee for a class, movie, coffee, etc. for someone else


Space in Your Home 

• Clean out a closet
• Light a candle
• Make your bed
• Cut some flowers
• Open a window
• Practice meditating in each room
• Fluff pillows and dust
• Hang a piece of art that's been leaning on the floor
• Dance around your home when you cook or tidy
• Create a meal plan and place the healthy foods in prime real estate
• Place crystals around your home, especially in the corners
• Invite people over for a board game or something with a lot of laughter
• Create a picnic in the backyard
• Open blinds for the morning light
• Have a night of silence


* Image via Ramon Valiente

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