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Like Sunshine

Quarantine is turning me into a hobbyist, and I'm not entirely mad about it. I slowly realized that I didn't need more time (once I was gifted with it); I just needed more discipline— more of an understanding of how my time is spent. This investigation lead to an overwhelming shift in priorities. I crave using my time to be BAD at something. If there is one thing Aries + isolation season has taught me, it's that sloppy first drafts are medicine for creativity.

I recently took up sketching. And goodness knows the first drafts were rubbish, but it felt so good to do something that wasn't productive, helpful, unhelpful, or annoying. Bonus points– it also has nothing to do with technology. My daily doodles have opened up a new little world of play, exploration, enjoyment, and general ease.

I will spare you my drawings, but I made a cheerful, sunny playlist, for no reason at all! I hope you badly dance around your home, or that a cheerful song will inspire your own awful draft of something new. Whatever you put your mind to, let it bring you cheer and excitement. Listen here.

Sunshine Playlist Cover

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