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Free Standard Shipping on domestic orders of $150+
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Intentional Gifting

Gifting is a big part of the holiday season. And with such importance on the "perfect" gift for a special someone, we can lose track of the intentionality that gifting can bring— blessings to your loved ones, gratitude for your close friends, thoughtfulness to the many people in your daily life.

Which is why this year, Ardent Market is focusing on Intentional Gifting. After the year we've had, everyone just wants to spend time together, have good health amidst a global pandemic, and feel seen and cherished. 

Handmade + hand-selected goods have magic to them; the energy behind their creation, vision, and curation is what makes objects meaningful. Intentions are powerful when paired with values and action. When you gift items that feel good to purchase, you're sharing powerful, loving emotions. You're not just crossing things off lists; you're participating in a moment of their life. The gesture becomes more than an item to unwrap; it's a token of your love and appreciation. It's a blessing dressed like an iPad, a blanket, or a framed photo.

This is why we're focusing on how you feel about the gifts you give and what you intend to share with your favorite humans. "Perfect" gifts in mindful budgets can turn a bonding experience into something stressful and unnecessary. Your purpose is to share your love, gratitude, and magic with the people you care about most. The objects, crafts, and recipes are how you do it.  


So Let's Talk Intentions

This year, my personal gift-giving comes from my want to comfort my loved ones after a challenging year or, better yet, give them some tools to craft a new year full of mindfulness.

Your intentions could be that you want to pamper your loved ones by sharing the unexpected things that make you feel good or prepare them for the adventures they will have when it's safe to do so!

Your gifts can be something you can do together or virtually, as a festive happy hour, indoor picnic, old movie night, or vinyl concert. Or just maybe you want them to have some sweet, cheerful somethings in their mailbox this year. 

No matter how you gather or what you give, you can make magic this Holiday Season.


Here is how you do it

  1. Make your list of names (and probably check it twice)
  2. Think about how it would feel to comfort, inspire, and spoil your loved ones
  3. Brainstorm the tools and things that you, yourself, enjoy
  4. Bring it all together, and you have intentional gifts that feel good and serve a purpose


Come Explore The Gift Guides

If you need a little inspiration, we have some helpful Intentional Gifting Guides for you! And to simplify the shopping experience, you can pop into The Gift Shop to explore our intentional gifting categories! Our intention is always to make online shopping a little easier and a little more magical. 

If you need any help curating unique gifts for your loved ones, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are all about helping you send good vibes and warm wishes to the ones you love.

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