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When the word "energy" comes up, everyone usually dives for words like emotions, mental awareness, present mindset, healing, etc. I'm sure even some of you picture a disheveled lady waving incense around while she babbles about chakras, and you're not wrong there either. I'm not here to change your mind about energy, because it's purely subjective. But I am here for you to consider more.

Our bodies, minds, and souls are connected. Our bodies are also referred to as our temples, but I think our safe havens and sanctuaries in this world can also include our homes, houses, apartments, campers, etc.

Yes, our homes are a practical shelter for our bodies and beings. We eat, sleep, and grow in them. They protect us from the weather, they serve as our central location, and we keep our things in them. But they are also the places where we dream, where we get picked up on our first date, and where we try and fail to keep that fiddle leaf fig alive.

They are the places that we feel comfortable enough to binge watch tv when no one is paying attention. We feel safe enough to cry in the shower or slam a door or two out of anger. You come and go. You come unglued, feel immense joy, and gratitude, and the whole time your home is there for you. You bring, create, and continuously shift energies, and your home is still there.

Picture yourself as a ball of emotional radiation and your home as a sponge. Your safe shelter has become your most supportive friend, and still, it's there without an indignant, "YOU'RE WELCOME!" "If walls could talk" is one of my favorite expressions. Because what if we listened?

My encouragement to you is to try and connect with the energy of your home. Walk your home quietly and run your hands along the walls or sit directly on the floor to meditate. Visualize your home, and just as importantly, imagine yourself in the house. Allow the feeling of safety and calm to wash over you, and try to listen without distraction. Take a moment to find gratitude and stillness. Really listen to what the walls have to say.

In this practice, you might find this isn't the place you picture yourself in, or that you see tremendous growth and change in it. You might be inspired to find a new home or spend money on a renovation. You could try and give it a garden to make it happy. Maybe start saying hello to it when you walk in the door or give it a new doormat. Perhaps you'll throw open a window now and then or play some music from its decade. You might be surprised how you start interacting with your dwelling and paying attention to the energy you're bringing into it.

Your home is connected to you, celebrate it, and show it some gratitude. Perhaps chores won't be so tiresome if they feel like self-care for your habitat.

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