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Free Standard Shipping on domestic orders of $150+
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Gift Guides

I don't know about you, but any time I see a design or lifestyle magazine during the holidays, I'm instantly tearing open the pages to see what they recommend as gifts. You never know where good ideas come from. And a painstaking flat lay of curated goodness is the epitome of the remote shopping experience.

This year, we made one! Well, a couple. Because there are so many things in the store to be excited about, but more importantly, excited to give.

We run an all-inclusive shop here. Anyone can feel encouraged to purchase anything that speaks to them, pink or not- looking at you OK Tarot. So, please do not feel limited to purchase within these parameters because they are GUIDES, not RULES. There is something for him/her/they/them.

These guides are ultra curated from some of our favorite artists/makers/finds. But we aren't really about favorites, so be sure to check out The Holiday Shop! Here you'll find some holiday decor and entertaining needs and wants* for you and others. You can also find a price breakdown of some of our favorite gift suggestions for Under $100, $50, $25, and $12.

We have something for everyone at any price point. Shopping should never be a stressful experience.

If we don't have what you need, we hope that you continue to seek out the small business and independent maker that does! This is the time of year to really let your creativity and thoughtfulness shine, and what better way to do that than with small business.

The most important feature of these gift guides is that each item is tagged in the shop! So you can specify "gifts for him/her/all" in the search and be transported to the collection of goods displayed (and maybe a few extra). Super easy to track everything down. We are all about making Santa's life easier. ENJOY!





She is a multifaceted creature that deserves a little extra. She deserves to feel as unique as she is. Each item selected was chosen to highlight her playfulness, thoughtfulness, and care. These items will take her through the day, supporting her need to feel original and intentional. From her self-care rituals to dressing for the day— these gift suggestions are here to help her feel brighter, bolder, and more herself.

 From Left: Curb Necklace, Aventurine Face Roller, Pink Theory Clay Mask, Glass Shell Box, Simple Slip Wallet, Leopard Chillum, Gem Soap, Crystal Bracelets, Early Bird Journal, Seed Bead Bracelet, Silk Bandana, Five Friends Hair Clip, Calm Crystal Set, Mini Kai Dangles, Crescent Moon Hair Pin, Rogue Rouge, Inquire Within Deck  

+ Keep in mind, you can search "Gifts For Her" or click HERE for the collection.






For our first holiday together, we wanted to show men some thoughtfulness to their routines. Men are frequently the hardest to shop for because practicality reigns supreme. Practicality does not mean you have to hit snooze on your gifting. We've narrowed in on daily life and what can truly add to the day. These are functional items elevated with unique materials, craftsmanship, and design. Why buy a simple valet when you can get a handcrafted leather valet? We are celebrating the thoughtful details of daily life with this collection. You can give with confidence that you're making the daily grind much more exciting.

 From Left: Ashtray, Leather Tray, Five Friends Brooch, One Hitter in orange, Crystal Bracelets, Leather Keychain, Intention Bracelet, Pocket Jotter, Wild Lather in Hong Kong, Inner Compass, El Sol, Leather Card Wallet, Could Print, Night Owl Journal, Peace Out Tea Towel, Coffee Canisters

+ Keep in mind, you can search "Gifts For Him" or click HERE for the collection.






This guide is curated for the dwelling of your loved ones. You know better than most that the things you place on your body and in your home are of the utmost value. We turned our spotlight to the intentional goods for the home and lifestyle of every person in your life. Because, no matter who they are or what relationship you have with them, they deserve quality goods, intentionally made.

From Left: White Mudcloth Pillow, Alive Notepad, Lidded Basket, Fir Needles Candle, Starry Night Matches, Hickory + Brass Wall Hang, Inner Strength Crystal Kit, Leather Coasters, Wild Lather in Byron Bay, Copper + Enamel Box, Marbled Geo Planter, Hug More Print 

+ Keep in mind, you can search "Gifts For All" or click HERE for the collection.

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