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Fall Spirits - Ardent Market

Fall Spirits

Sometimes all you need is a festive cocktail/mocktail. Maybe especially when you're trying to enjoy the fall vibe, but it's still 90 degrees outside. I'm not complaining about the summer extension. Still, it's polarizing when the house feels like you walked into a baked pumpkin bread recipe with cinnamon-spiced candles, cozy blankets, and various gourds sprinkled around, but you go outside, and it's just the oven, and you're the baked good.

One of my favorite things on Friday is to make a fun, new drink and sit out on the patio with the 'interns' and begin to decompress from the drama of a 2020 workweek. Since I am trying to bridge the gap between fall outside and inside, the Moscow Mule isn't enough for a fall mixology sesh, which is why I am so excited to share the new Iconic Cocktail Co. mixers— Spiced Honey and Bitter Orange Tonic

These are the perfect handcrafted mixers to lift your fall spirits, and so far, I have two recipes worth repeating, and I am sure more to come. Cheers!


Fall Fashion

+ Combine all in a mixing glass with ice 

+ Stir until chilled 

+ Strain into a coupe glass with an apple star core

This recipe comes from Iconic Cocktail Co suggests a rocks glass, whiskey, super-cube, and cherry. Both ways are delicious!


Honey Apple Brunch Cocktail

Honey Apple Brunch Cocktail

+ Simply pour each ingredient into a champagne coupe or tulip 

Make this an equally delightful cocktail with sparkling lemon water, like in this recipe


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