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DIY: Pumpkin Succulent Arrangements - Ardent Market

DIY: Pumpkin Succulent Arrangements

What better way to celebrate fall than with succulent arrangements on pumpkins?

This is such a fun activity for the Autumn season to do with loved ones, but you can also crank out a few pumpkins at a time if you wanted to give them as gifts! We are moseying our way into the giving season, so keep that in mind when you start! Once you get the hang of it you'll want to give them all away- or have one in each room of the house (no judgment).


We hosted a class with a fun mix of humans, and made a little tutorial so you can feel empowered to host your own! This could be a fun new tradition to celebrate that requires minimal prep-work. 

Pumpkin arrangement supplies
What you need:
+ Quality people
+ Solid playlist
+ Wine
+ Pumpkins (we chose a variety of 4") Just keep in mind the bigger the pumpkins, the more succulents you will need.
+ Spray adhesive/craft glue, and a hot glue gun per person
+ Clippers or scissors
+ All the succulents (pre-trimmed into pieces works best so you don't have to transition from gluing, clipping, arranging, and back again.)


The Steps:
+ Start out with a mix of succulents, we have a lot planted, (or that we intended to plant) so it made for a good collection of trimmings to choose from. Focus on mixing color, texture, shape, and sheen. We recommend stopping by your local nursery or even flea market for some interesting finds! You can plant what you don't use, and honestly, this is the one time we will tell you to go overboard. Succulents have so many uses. You can always have your group chip in for the cost, or make it your gift to them!

+ We recommend pre trimming the succulents into 2-3" pieces and have some 1" for filler set aside. It's easier on the group to have some pre-cut, so when you put wine in to chill, start snipping!

+ Pick the pumpkin you're vibing with and cut the stem down, spray the adhesive, or use some craft glue across the top and attach a thin clump of moss. The point is to let the moss hide the glue if you have too much hanging down your pumpkin you can trim it up after! (Now is a good time to get the glue guns hot and glasses are topped off.)

+ Pick your "show stoppers" or the focal point of your pumpkin. This is fun in a group because everyone likes something different! You can go for a collection of floral looking succulents or make an interesting mix with some spiky pieces. You really cannot go wrong.









+ Once you feel confident about the 2-3 focal point pieces, glue them down. Carefully, because hot glue is, well, hot!

 + After your main pieces are secure, start glueing in any and every filler piece you want. The smaller pieces end up propping up the focal points to give them more of a presence. Don't be afraid to trim pieces            down! If it's flopping over, be sure to cut some at the bottom. When in doubt- trim.


+ Be sure to rotate your pumpkin as you work so you can fill in holes. You want to be able to place it anywhere in your home or office! Once you feel satisfied with how it looks, take some pictures and pour another glass! You did it!


The care is very easy— sprits with a spray bottle once a week or so and keep out of direct sunlight so your succulents don't fade. If you place them on furniture, its a good idea to place a coaster underneath. When your pumpkin gets sad or soft, (this will take a few weeks) you can trim the top and plant the arrangement in a pot or the ground! Succulents are pretty hearty and are the gift the keeps giving!



We are going to be hosting other classes in the next few weeks, if you would like to attend, please reach out with an email and we will add you to our events list! We are happy to have you!

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