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Cupid's Night Off - Ardent Market

Cupid's Night Off

This delicious cocktail is a simple compilation of humble ingredients, so you don't have to spend more time behind the bar than you want to for your Galentine/Valentine/Self-Love Celebration.

Cocktails are incredibly fun to make and are sometimes the showstopper to your party and theme, but they don't always have to be as overly complicated as they look. The trick to hosting is making everything look easy; the method is for it to actually be easy. Even Cupid needs a break. 

This is the recipe that keeps on giving because the directions fit on a post-it. So any of your guests will feel like a Craft Cocktail Queen (or King). It's so rewarding to hear, "That's all?!" when you hand over the ingredients list.

It's delicious, simple, made from the actual fruit, and is 100% Instagram worthy. What's not to love?


Get your Post-it Ready

1 Blood Orange (juiced)
1 oz vodka (a dry gin is also excellent)
2 dashes of bitters*
Ice and stir it up!
Use rosemary sprigs and a blood orange wheel to garnish!

*depending on your taste preference, use .25 oz of simple syrup as needed. I believe the fruit carries enough flavor to pass on the additional sweetener.

See? Easy and delicious.


It's an unwritten rule to bring on the festive colors for any cocktail on a holiday. With this boozy Valentine, you'll get all the impact of a pink/red drink without all the colorings and gimmicky add-ins!


You can't go wrong with a tart, beautiful, and easy drink. Cheers!

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