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Coffee Old Fashioned - Ardent Market

Coffee Old Fashioned


An Old Fashioned is one of our favorite cocktails, maybe of all time. This time of year, when feasting is a common occurrence, dishes have been created and cleaned, and you've contemplated getting the tree up; sometimes, you just need a treat. This variation is rich, warming, and has a little kick.

This recipe was released a year ago, and it's even simpler and more delicious with the Iconic Cocktail Co. Salted Cocoa Nib. And it was well worth the re-creation. To us, it's less like an old fashioned and more like a devilishly clever coffee drink.





+ 2 oz bourbon

+ 1 oz chilled espresso

+ 1/2 oz Salted Cocoa Nib

+ 2 moderate dashes of orange bitters

+ 1 orange (can garnish a party worth)


Pour over supercube* and stir to combine. Garnish with a twist of orange peel for brightness and lightly sprinkle with coarse coffee grounds.


* You can also make ice cubes out of coffee if you plan ahead. Skip the espresso step if you use coffee cubes.   





***The pumpkin pictured with cocktails is from our super fun Pumpkin Succulent Arrangement class.  It's still going strong. Read about it here


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