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Coffee Old Fashioned

Coffee Old Fashioned

Thanksgiving is all about the food- I mean, it's also about your loved ones and gratitude, but it's mostly about the food. 

We cannot compete with the millions of recipes or gourmet magazine staples like buttery herb-crusted turkey or root vegetable sauté. But, we can share what we have some menial talent for— craft cocktails.

An Old Fashioned is one of our favorite cocktails, maybe of all time. When you've finished the turkey dinner, done all the dishes, and contemplated getting the tree up, sometimes you just need a treat. This variation is rich, warming, and has a little kick. 

This spin-off of a classic old fashioned took us a couple of tries but was well worth the sacrifice. To us, it's less like an old fashioned and more like a devilishly clever coffee drink. (Hopefully never coming to a Starbucks near you.)



2 oz bourbon

1 oz chilled espresso

1/4 oz honey (or simple syrup)

2 moderate dashes of orange bitters

1 orange (can garnish a party worth)



+ You want large ice for this cocktail, watering down the mixture is a minor crime. If you don't have a large ice mold, consider freezing coffee cubes instead of water and skip the espresso step. 

+ Make the espresso and mix the honey in while it's still hot. Chill in the fridge once combined.*

+ Once chilled, pour in your serving cocktail glass and stir to combine. Garnish with a sliver of orange peel, after circling the rim.

+ If you're feeling extra, sprinkle the tiniest pinch of coarse ground coffee on top.

It is very easy to prepare the ingredients ahead of time so it's not another big kitchen hassle on an already packed day. Always make life simpler for yourself.


* If you use cold brew as a substitute to espresso, you'll want to use a simple syrup to mix the sweetness properly. 




***The pumpkin pictured with cocktails is from our super fun Pumpkin Succulent Arrangement class.  It's still going strong. Read about it here


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