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Ask A Witch

I first met Mallory a year ago, after devouring everything on her blog and Instagram. I couldn't believe my luck that I connected with (not just a deeply encouraging person) but a witch, unlike anything I expected.

We talked for hours as I fired question after question at her. She graciously answered everything from, What does it mean to have lineage to your practice? I can use herbs for more than cooking? To — How many spells can I do at once?

She was an open book and so relatable. True to form, she never misses an opportunity to support some non-linear healing and growth with lots of teaching. She has kindly agreed to give you the same kind of space she provided me.

You have gotten to know Mallory through the gorgeous and magical goods of Four Corners Studio and the article + practice in Ardent: 'Embracing Winter: A Sacred Time For Integration.' And now she is giving you answers on all things magic and spell work for the next issue!

With curiosity, kindness, and an open mind, please drop your questions for Mallory in the comments or stories! She will answer as many as she can in the next issue of Ardent (out April 26th)

Here are some topics to get you started: love magic, money + abundance, protection, cleansing, herbs + potions, energy healing, spells, dreamwork, shadow work, etc.

I know you'll keep it positive and curious.

Ask away in the comments below!

P.S. If you haven't gotten your first Ardent Issue No. 01 yet, be sure to subscribe here. You'll get the latest copy and be on the list for April's second issue!

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